Year Ahead – Tarot Reading

Card 1 – Sunset
The lesson from the previous year

Card I got: The High Priestess
keywords: Intuition, Higher powers, mystery, subconscious mind.

This card says a lot about spiritual connections and fertility of the mind. This year I have taken a massive five into the spiritual word, I have connected with my said spirit guide and have gathered quite a collection of crystals and tarot cards. I turned to spirituality earlier in the year when I found myself in a really dark place and it helped me through that dark period and now I have never felt more open and positive. Whenever I have any questions or queries I turn to my tarots and I work with them to find the best solution to give me the best outcome. What I think this card is telling me is to stay in touch with my spirituality side and continue to use it the way that I have been doing because it’s giving me the more reasonable judgments within situations of the mind and real life.

Card 2 – Horizon
What you can expect in the next year.

Card I got: Page of Swords (reversed)
keywords: All talk and no action, haste, undelivered promises.

At first glance this card isn’t particularly promising nor does it give you much hope for the year ahead, however reading on it makes a lot more sense.  This card tells me that I need to tackle things one at a time in order to get better outcomes. If you know me you’ll know how impatient I am and how I do tend to do a million things in one go and then nothing ever gets done. This card also talks about how people may make commitments to me, however, those commitments may be broken and that if I make a commitment to somebody that I need to make sure before I make that commitment that I can follow up on it in order to keep my integrity and reputation.  This card is also telling me that a ‘know it all’ will turn up in my life and try and impress me with his past and his achievements which I will come to find out are over exaggerations.  This card also touches upon a fear of public speaking, something I have had trouble with throughout the majority of my life and that even though I may feel as though I am inexperienced in a subject, that people want to hear about my opinions and point of view, regardless of whether it is the same or different to others.

Card 3 –  Obstacle
A challenge you’ll face this year

Card I got: The moon
Keywords: illusion, fear, anxiety, insecurity, subconscious.

In my previous card, it talks about not letting my fear of public speaking stop me from doing it, and this card ties in with that, having the challenge be my anxiety and fears, as it always has been.  This card is shown as a weakness and my weakness is most definitely what is listed in the keywords of this tarot card.  This card is also warning me of illusion and deception, which again ties in with the previous of having a mysterious male ”know it all” figure come into my life. This card is initially telling me to keep my eyes open but yet be guarded against illusions as they may cause a problem in my judgement.

This card is also communicating with me about the possibility of lack of my destination, this upcoming year I will be finishing college and am currently very unsure about where I will be heading afterwards, and refers to this as being ‘left in the dark’ and in order to help with this I need to remove any mental blocks I may have and rely on my intuition and psychic forces to guide me in the decisions and routes I take.

Card 4 – Strength
how to harness your inner power

Card I got: The Tower
keywords: Disaster, upheaval, sudden change, revelation

This card has seriously shocked me. It ask’s me how many times I’ve been sat there, content and happy and then something happens and it destroys the peace and harmony in my life. This happens more than I would like it to, giving me a realisation that my comfort and peace was based on a foundation of false pretences, this is apparently a blessing. Something is going to happen in my life, that’s going to cause some disturbance to my life and that is going to create a possotive for me. I know I have been wanting to move but I haven’t been planning to do that in the next year, but it states that there could be a job loss that encourages said disturbance. I’ve always felt like my life is not here, in Lincoln. This doesn’t feel like home so maybe, moving is the way to harness my inner power afterall, just as I thought.

Card 5 – Advice
Lessons you learned last year

Card I got: Queen of Pentacles
keywords: Practical, homely, motherly, down to earth, security.

Last year I had a serious issue with having ‘me time’ I never got enough of it and this card talks about this and talks about the fact that I want to become more independent and create a stable income for myself, whilst trying to create a stable balance between work life and family life.  This card is telling me to maintain the compassionate, nurturing, practical and down to earth attitude when it comes to dealing with others and present circumstances and focuses on creating realistic and simple solutions that fix a problem with very little fuss.

Card 6 – Navigation
Guidance for the year ahead

Card I got: Knight of Pentacles
keywords: Efficiency, routine, conservatism, methodical

This card is telling me to maintain a routine in order to get things done and completed. This card is about work and responsibility and the effort you put into them. This card goes on to speak about how you have to build the foundations in order to be able to support your dreams and goals, something I have already started to do within my own life, creating new plans and ventures for the journey ahead. This card is suggesting that I never leave a job half done and that I complete it with everything I have in order to make myself trustworthy and reliable and create overall success for myself. I have also been advised to accept responsibility within a situation without any complaints or grudges.

Card 7 – Clarity
Your personal theme for the year

Card I got: Page of Cups
keywords: A messenger, creative beginnings, synchronicity.

This card signifies the beginning or renewal of something, which is interesting because I have some new things that I am wanting to expand on in the new year and are currently in the progress of being born. This card indicates newfound creativity and that this should be explored through art, drama, dance and so on. This is really interesting because I have just discovered that I can paint, and the current venture I am working on is painted portraits and have a website currently being processed. Again this card goes on to speak about how I mustn’t shut out my intuition and subconscious mind and embrace it as it will guide me through difficult times.

A lot of this reading has been centred around anxiety and a difficult time that seems to be approaching in the new year, how I deal with that ordeal should be done through spiritual guidance, and to be fair in past occasions, this hasn’t ever failed me. Acting on impulse has often got me or someone else into hot water, however, every time I have made a decision influenced by my tarots or angels I have encountered brilliant and calmed outcomes. I have been able to relate to most of what’s come up in this tarot spread and I can’t help but feel slightly worried by the male figure who may be coming into my life.

only time will tell..

I used biddy tarot to help with my reading.


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