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5 Reasons You Should Post Photographs Of Yourself On Your Blog.

Photographs of yourself, daunting isn’t it?

I never thought it was important to put photographs of yourself on your blog. The whole idea of posting images of myself came across daunting and I just had an overwhelming fear that people would simply just think that I was vain, when that’s far from the truth. The same applied for my Instagram.

Photographs of yourself

Over the last couple of week’s my boyfriend, partner, fiancée, whatever we’re gonna call him has been my photographer. He’s not great at it but he is learning fast (he has a GREAT teacher!). He’s just started creating his own blog so has needed photographs of himself too, so we made a deal. ” You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” type of deal.

Usually I am extremely picky with the images that I share with the internet of myself, for a few years my Instagram lacked photographs of me and when I did upload a selfie on the odd occasion it would day’s later be deleted. I was too worried that people would judge my face or make remarks about how often I uploaded selfies.

Photographs of yourself

Just like that, something switched over night. (I think I’d been building myself up for it for a while). One morning I just woke up with a completely different mindset. I was always envious of other bloggers who were brave enough to put photographs of themselves on their blog, envious but completely inspired by their confidence. My blog lacked something they all had and that was photographs of themselves.

So, long story short I did it. My personal photographer (The Arrogant Beard) worked hard and got me some photographs I was happy with to post to my social media and blog. Since then my blog has felt different, my whole approach to my blog has changed.


photographs of yourself

 5 reasons to show your beautiful face on your blog

  1. You are your brand. 
  2. It helps your readers engage with you better.
  3. It will boost your confidence not only online but in real life too!
  4. You’ll inspire other shy bloggers to feel confident enough to show their face too.
  5. It’s great fun!

Your pictures don’t have to be of outstanding quality. They can literally be selfies; anything so that the reader can engage with you more by knowing that the person behind the post is real. At first it’s going to feel a little bit strange and unfamiliar if you’re not used to it, but you soon warm up and you’ll be a pro model before you know it.


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photographs of yourself



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    Good points, well made!
    Too often people just go for stock photos when in fact you’re own face is good enough!

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