Why You Should Declutter Your Smartphone

Why You Should Declutter Your Smartphone

Do you declutter your smartphone? We clean and declutter our homes on regular (or maybe not so regular) occasions because it’s good for us to do that, get rid of the amounts of rubbish we don’t need anymore, it always feels amazing sitting in a beautifully clean and clutter-free house does it not? Well, we basically live in our phones these days anyway, more so than ever at the moment with the current lockdown situation with it being our main port of call for staying in touch with the ones we love the most. It’s important to look after that as we would our house and treat it every now and then to a good old declutter!

You’re probably sat there thinking how on earth do I de-clutter my phone? well keep reading and you’ll figure out just that.

Declutter Your Smartphone

Delete apps you don’t use.

overtime we get quite the collection of apps and games on our phones and some of them go months without even being opened so if that’s the case on your phone, get those apps deleted!! They’re just taking up space and if you miss them, just download them again after.

Get rid of all of your notifications.

This includes reading or deleting messages and emails on your phone and getting rid of general social media notifications. You’re phone’s gonna feel brand new just deleting the horrible little red marks on the top of all your apps.

Back up all your photographs and videos.

Once you’ve done this, wipe the photo album completely clean, only keeping your absolute faves. I usually keep the photographs that will be getting posted to Instagram soon. I use google photo’s to back up my photos on a daily basis. All my photographs in one place, taking up no space on my phone but there as easy as a tap on the app. You’d be surprised how deleting all your spammy photographs can also make your phone feel as good as new.

Delete message threads.

Clean out your texts, WhatsApp, and messenger chats. There’s nothing more stressful than opening your messaging app and seeing a ton of chats. I find that it completely batters my brain. I do this at the end of every day so I wake up to fresh, organized unread chats in the morning. (jokes, I don’t get messaged that much.)

Organize your apps into folders.

You can do this as thoroughly as you like. I tend to keep my front page full and any additional apps that I download I put into folders. Some folders I have on my phone are Health, Games, Photo & Video, Banking, and Social Media.

Do you have any more tips on decluttering your smartphone?


You’d be surprised at how good you’ll feel after you’ve seriously cleaned our your phone, if you don’t believe me, do it. Give your phone an external wipe down, throw on a new case if you have a case, new wallpaper and you’ve basically got a new phone.

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