Why I’m Giving Up Commercial Photography.

Why I’m Giving Up Commercial Photography.

I’ve thought long and hard about this decision. It’s coming up to my 11th year in practicing photography and it’s forced me to make some difficult decisions along the way. I not that long ago finished my degree at college. I’ve been fighting the demons in my head who tell me not to give up photographing people because I will be wasting my degree and it’s taken a lot of uphill battles with myself to realise that that is a load of absolute bullshit.

My HND (The first two years of my degree) was all to do with Commercial photography however, the final year wasnt and then I wasn’t studying HND in Commercial Photography, I was actually studying Lens Based Media.

I learn’t a lot about photographing things other than people – I focused one of my final major projects on fine art infrared landscapes for heavens sake. Why on earth did I think that stopping photographing people would be a waste of my degree…

The reason behind the decision…

People. Potensial clients and other photographers are the bane of life. It’s hard when you go through years and years of education wracking up thousands of pounds debt as well as purchasing the expensive equipment that you need to be able to do your job and people see you as ”expensive”. It’s such a shitty, degrading feeling when someone comes to you, wanting your services but then rapidly changes their mind as soon as you send them your more than reasonable price lists. Anyone who thinks £400 for a half day wedding is an absolute cheap skate, seriously. When you add up the costs of equipment and hours you’re going to spend working on taking the photographs, backing up, editing and prepping for release £400 is pretty cheap..


There are photographers out there that ruin it for the photographers who have spent the time and money getting the training to be the best they can be and charging as little as £50. At the end of the day, these photographers clearly don’t feel like their work is worth anything more than that and do you really want someone, with such little faith in their work to sell it so cheap??? They’ll probably shoot on a crop sensor, not back up your images, over edit and give you like 12 pictures and half of them will be blurry.

I’ve decided that I have so much respect for my work that I will no longer be giving people the privalidge of my creative eye. Not for less than the right price atleast. I am sick and tired of settling for less than I am worth just to get the work. I’d much prefer to work a different path within the photography industry than allow, tight arses, people who want the world for pennies to dictate what my work and time is worth.


P.s This is not a decision that I’ve made lightly, I’ve been toying with this idea since before Christmas and Just over the last few days I’ve seen and experienced things that have cemented my idea in stone.


Love, your no longer commercial photographer,




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  • Your work is exceptional and you should NEVER sell yourself short when you give so much of yourself. I’m truly privileged to have been on the receiving end of such breathtaking work and for that I am truly grateful. Follow your heart and soul, you can never and should never underestimate your worth.

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