Why I Have No Fears Of Becoming A New Mum

becoming a new mum

Becoming a new mum is a massive, HUGE, life change and many people find it a very scary time and I don’t judge any mum for that but for me, this is not a time where I am riddled with nerves or fear, I’m certainly not going to be one of these mum’s that feel like they have no time to themselves to have a bubble bath or in my case, sit and do a spot of blogging. 

It’s surprising how many people will tell you how tired you’re going to be and how little time you’re going to have to yourself when baby arrives and maybe it be unintentionally fill you with little niggles of dread about your little one coming into the world; Whilst I have had these comments made to me, they don’t make me feel at all fearful or worried for what is coming to me in just under 3 weeks time.

So why am I not scared? Well that’s easy, I’m a woman and we are made to become mothers first and foremost and I know I’m going to be ok because that’s what nature intended for me but also, ever since I was 4 years old I’ve grown up with babies, and my mum let me be very hands on with helping her with all my brothers and sisters. I’ve been very aprehensive to post about not being scared about becoming a mother incase people are thinking ”oh she’s got a shock coming” or something like that, but no, I know exactly what’s coming and I’m going to love every single moment of it and I’ll probably find it a  walk in the park.

There’s a lot of stuff online where mums harp on about how tough motherhood can be, of course at times there’s going to be really tough challenges but where’s the mums who don’t find it as hard as others? Why aren’t they speaking out about their experiences? Maybe they’re feeling like they might be judged, Because let’s be real, just like anything in the world, some take to it easier than others and there’s no shame if you find it easy or hard.

Due to the mass amount of material posted around about how hard it is for new parents, not just mums, I have felt almost shameful for not being scared of what’s about to come. Granted, I am going to be tired but I already get limited amount of hours sleep a night because I’d rather be awake than asleep anyway, I’m far to nosy for my own good. 

This post is not at all shade to anyone who found their journey into motherhood hard and exhausting, you’re a mother and you’re doing a brilliant job and everyone has different tolerances for things and that’s so important to acknowledge and let’s stop tarring all new mums with the same brush. 

Maybe my opinion will change once I’m a month into motherhood but honestly, I don’t see that happening at all and that’s simply because I spend most of my time doing nothing apart from bits and bobs around the house, so having a baby to coo over and bring up is a welcomed whirlwind for sure. Im going to be more active and my brain will be more stimulated and when baby sleeps will be when Shannon, does her make up. 

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  1. Sharon Wild

    I love that you are so excited and positive for your impending journey into motherhood. Your offspring is lucky to already be cocooned in such positivity. Make sure you do get your face painted during those naps. X

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  2. Kate (@thelittlecrunch)

    I love this. I feel much the same as you about the prospect of motherhood and feel so excited for you. I hope to have a baby one day and because of my job I can work quite flexibly, meaning I currently have plenty of time to myself around the house. At the moment I fill my time with blogging and decorating but one day I hope to be busy at home cooing over a baby.

    Wishing you all the best on your journey through motherhood.

    Kate | thelittlecrunch.co.uk

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  3. Esterella

    Nice to see a different perspective – I find it brave how you’ve chosen to speak about it. Good luck becoming a mum 🙂 I hope I can one day in the future be one too. 💕

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