Why Candytuft & Corn-Cockle?

This is a potentially, incredibly boring post but,  Candytuft and Corn-cockle, not your average kind of blog name and you’re probably wondering why or how?

I was finding it hard to create an identity that I absolutely loved that didn’t necessarily symbolize one niche. As you will know if you’ve read my blog or know me I get extremely bored of things very quickly, so much so that I change my phone wallpaper every day.

I wanted something that could be related to anything, so my first thoughts were;

– What do I like?
Anything to do with nature pretty much, I considered names like ”the blue monkey” (not literally but the idea of mixing a colour with an animal was always quite cool!)

I then started to think about designs, I’d obviously have to design a header for my blog and I want it to be something that isn’t going to be too complicated and easy to re-vamp due to my inability to stick to anything longer than a week.

I decided I liked the idea of working with the names of wildflowers, but it was too hard to find all the names of the wildflowers and fully brainstorm with them without looking at a screen, and just as I expressed this to my nan, she disappeared and came back with a small envelope full of old cigarette cards with cute wildflowers and their names on.

I spread them all out and picked out my favorites, with the help of my nana. I liked ”candytuft” as a blog name and nan liked ”corn-cockle” so by putting them both together, I had a completely unique and niche-free blog name!

Shannie x

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