What It’s Like Being A Photographer With Anxiety

photographer with anxiety

It’s certainly not easy having anxiety in general, let alone being a photographer with anxiety and having it affect your work. As a photographer, it’s crucial that you’re able to communicate with people – clients in order to get work. Does anybody actually want a photographer that doesn’t communicate with you? ( I mean, personally, I’d love to have a photographer than runs around me and my family events not speaking to us!)

If you, like me, are a photographer with anxiety it would do you good to remember that;

  1. your clients are probably just as nervous as you, if not more nervous.

  2. You’re awesome at what you do, so own it.

easier said than done, I know.

photographer with anxiety

I have now come to the conclusion that it’s at a point in my life where my anxiety is the most controlled it has ever been in my whole life, although can be extremely unpredictable and for that very reason I find myself not being able to commit to allowing myself to work with potential clients in fear that I might not be able to actually go through with the job in the end.

It’s a very large inconvenience and I find it disheartening when something you can’t control gets in the way of your work.

On the other hand, having Photography as a skill doesn’t mean your career chances end if you can’t work with people. There are a couple of different paths you can venture down;

  • Freelance Fine Artist

  • Stock Image Creator

  • Blogger 

-just to name a few.

I’ll never give up hoping that one day I’ll be confident enough to work with people, however, as it stands at the moment it’s not a worry that is at the top of my shnit’s given list and you need to remember that you don’t need to be able to work for someone or take on your own clients to be a successful photographer and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


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