Welcome Home Myra – Continental Giant Rabbit

Welcome Home Myra – Continental Giant Rabbit

So if you read my most recent post: Dodgy Dealer Breeder, Ashover Derbyshire. You’ll know why Brady never made it as one of the At Number 20 Gang. Sunday, with tears literally streaming down my face I avidly searched the internet for another Continental Giant rabbit that could come home ”TODAY”.  

Everywhere that I looked Continental Giants were £60+ and some were adults and were more than 70 miles away so hope was fast being lost.

As if by magic, an add popped up ”£40 for 10 week old continental giant bunnies” We called the number instantly and luckily she had one bunny left – it was a steel coloured girl. We said yes and left to collect her immediately. We had to travel to Kings Lynn to get her, the most boring drive from where we are and it seemed to take forever. 

The whole experience was quite surreal, one minute I had a Giant Continental Bunny and the next minute I didn’t and then I did again. I just didn’t feel real, but it was and she is now home!


Myra came from a home with Children, cats and dogs so she was instantly settled and chilled with us all. The fact she’d been handled since birth by children boded well for me because I am a child. I’ve also never seen a rabbit be SO CHILL on a 1 hour 3o minute car journey home. 

Myra has now been at her forever home here At Number 20 for 3 days. At first she suffered a few scuffle’s with Bronson, our smallest bunny believe it or not but Tuesday night, after a pep talk from nanny (my mum not the cat) she clearly put Bronson in his place and have cuddled and laid together ever since.  Finally Bronson has a friend again.

Tuesday day time my mum, nan, 2 brothers (Andy and Tom) and Andrew’s girlfriend and I took Myra on her first trip to Costa. It had it’s pro’s and cons. A pro being we got to take a rabbit out to costa in a pet stroller and coo over how bloody adorable she is (Andrew being thee biggest softy of us all surprisingly) and a con was definitely that it was blooming freezing.

I want Myra to continue  to be quite the social rabbit, as my others generally aren’t, so taking her out and doing lots with her will hopefully ensure that she stays social in the long run.

Myra, in a couple of weeks will be getting injections so that she can explore more freely outdoors  as she gets bigger but for the time being she’s not of the age where she can get jabs so she’s got 2 weeks of being stuck in a pram. If you’d like to stay u[dated with Myra’s journey make sure to subscribe to this blog, I’ll be uploading  posts about her first week at home and getting her jabs and just updating you on all things Myra the Continental Giant related.

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