We Got Married, Just Not By Law

wedding not by law

So when you think about weddings you automatically see a timeline of a little girl, playing weddings, planning her dream wedding and looking forward to one day finally being able to have that day become a reality. When I was a little girl a wedding wasn’t even in my mind. When I used to play with my friends, brothers or sisters it never used to be anything wedding related, not once. All we ever did was host talent shows or play shops. I always when finding myself playing solo, I’d be a businesswoman. I’d be on my way to my job as a lawyer or something really cool that required an office.

As I got older and boys became more of an interest I still didn’t think about weddings and I was still thinking about how I could make something of my life, constantly searching for my soul purpose. Ever since the age of 15, the prospect of having a wedding was daunting. I thought that the whole standing up in front of your family being lovey-dovey was completely NOT me and honestly, the thought of it filled me with so much dread that I’d think of it no longer and I just assumed that when the time came it wouldn’t be so daunting and it was just feeling this way because I was still young and a long way from marriage.

A Wedding Not By Law



Skipping to last year, November 2018 I want to say we made a decision to have a commitment ceremony, which meant we didn’t need to do the official vows to one another in front of 2 witnesses if we wanted to share a name we’d just do it via deed poll. We still said we’d have the sit-down meal, speeches and a ceremony of sorts. I made myself want it but when I sat there and thought about it on my own the whole concept just filled me with dread. If there’s one thing I hate more than anything it’s being the centre of attention. A couple of months down the line, we decided to have another talk about it because we both weren’t bringing up the subject.

As it turned out both Stewart and I didn’t want the whole centre of attention fiasco and the whole thing made us clam up and not talk about it. We’re both not religious at all so it was a no brainer that we weren’t going to follow a traditional wedding with the vows and witnesses, Even with the added benefits that you get with it and I certainly didn’t want to go through all the ”notice to marry” crap that you have to do and nor did Stew.

So, on the 12th June 2019 we decided to buy ourselves some ”wedding” rings, to us they’re more of a unity ring we went home, had our tea and then changed my name from Miss Shannon Louise Matthews to Mrs Shannon Louise Moore and it was as simple as that, we were Mr and Mrs Moore. We popped open the champers, took some very candid photographs and carried on with the evening like we usually would.


We have a trip to Cumbria coming up that we’ve just recently planned to go and get some photographs of us both for an album. We’re creating a wedding album with a twist I guess and you’ll just have to wait to see why it’s got a twist when it’s complete but it’s very us and one day when we have children I can’t wait to show them how we did things.

Whilst we have officially changed my name, and are officially husband and wife to one another, we still have many steps to complete before we feel like it’s been completed. The end of celebrations will be in October when we hopefully get to celebrate with our family and friends. I will be sharing every step of the way with you on my blog, so make sure you keep coming back to see what’s next in our journey to becoming Mr and Mrs Moore 2019.

12th June 2019: Uniting. (e.g The Wedding ceremony)

8th-11th August: Cumbria trip. (photographs of the couple)

26th October 2019: Party! (wedding reception) – We decided to keep this day as the day of celebration with our families. We were going to host our full commitment ceremony on this day and thought, we may as well keep this date because it was the first date we initially set to celebrate with family.



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