We Attempted Storm Chasing

Storm chasing in the united kingdom is a lot different to storm chasing in America however, we were so sick of not being hit by the lurking thunderstorms that we decided to go and put ourselves in hitting distance – or at least we hoped to.

I have an app on my phone which tells me where the storms are. Usually it’s spot on at being accurate. This time I am certainly questioning it’s accuracy. Once though, we woke up to the biggest crack of thunder during the night and the first thing Stewart said to me was “Check your storm app!” and there it was. The storm, hovering above head.

It is my dream for sure to one day go storm chasing in America, Chasing a proper storm, you know, one of those really windy, twisty ones.

storm chasing
The view from the top of Burton Road, Lincolnshire

storm chasing

It was a great opportunity to go out with my camera and get some stormy shoots because if there’s one thing I don’t do enough, that’s go out with my camera and actually do ‘proper’ photography. I like to take time away from using my camera because it really makes me appreciate it when I do use it. Like ye, sure my phone is a pretty good photo producing machine, but it doesn’t create anything remotely on the scale to what my Canon 6D does.

storm chasing

Watch the vlog here

All in all, we failed. We didn’t manage to get any thunder at all, I did see a flash of lightening at some point so all wasn’t lost but we failed to actually catch the storm itself. The app said that we were under it at one point but when we looked up we could see blue sky.

It was good fun though, It gave us something to do and I love watching the clouds in the sky anyway. On the way home I took a photograph on my phone and I swear there is a cats face hidden in the clouds, You’ll have to let me know if you can see it too or whether you see something entirely different.

storm chasing


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