Voting, Blogging and Christmas Shopping

Voting, Blogging and Christmas Shopping

It’s that time of the week again, a catchup with everything that has been going on, which again as per usual it’s not a lot at all, but at least you can all see just how normal my life is and it’s not fabricated to be some amazing, ball of fun constantly.

This week has been mainly about getting my blog back up and running because I seriously lacked the motivation and idea’s to throw into the blog. Monday I spent the day sat at my newly crafted kitchen table and worked all day on updating plugins and writing up some new content and since that day I’ve opened my laptop every day this week to continue that flow of motivation. 

I also went to see my nanna Jean this week for a coffee and catch up and picked up some Christmas bits that i’d ordered online, leaving me with only 2 gifts left to get and my Christmas shopping is finished and I can finally solely focus on building up my little one’s wardrobe. 

I also picked up a few last little house bits and hopefully, before the new year is upon us the house will be ready for Minnie’s arrival too – leaving my last 2 weeks of being pregnant, stress and worry free.

I also voted for the first time in my whole life. I did a lot of research on the parties and made my voting decision based on my own thorough research. I’m not going to state who I voted for as of now because it doesn’t matter anymore, but it made me feel empowered to go into my local polling station and actually have a say on my own thorough research and not on the opinions of other people and tabloids.

Saturday my mum and sister came to Lincoln to do a spot of Christmas shopping and I tagged along. It was nice to have a mooch around town as it was getting dark, seeing all the Christmas lights in all their glory and having a mooch around shops. I also don’t know why I am surprised every year when I realise the people of Lincoln are unable to crack a smile, especially at this time of year.

Thanks again peeps for reading and if you got this far you’re a right trooper.

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