Visiting Dinosaurs, Experiencing Art & Eating Ice-Cream

Tuesday Afternoon Stewart and I took a trip into Lincoln, met up with his side of the family and had a day being Lincoln tourists, kind of. It was a great day and it was certainly worth it and we even managed, Well Stewart and I, managed to avoid all the downpours of rain that the day threw at us which is lucky because neither of us took a rain jacket or brolly, whoops.

Visiting dinosaurs collection museum

Visiting Dinosaurs At The Collection Museum

Visiting dinosaurs collection museum

I’m not going to lie, to say I was a bit skeptical about how good the exhibition was going to be upon entering The Collection. To see the ticket price of £7.50 you’d expect it to be pretty good and to be honest have a lot more there than they actually did have. Whilst we had a good time and the company made it all worth the £7.50 the exhibition in itself I think was a little poor.

Don’t get me wrong, The displays were great, eerily realistic and informative, too be able to see how big these dinosaurs actually were was interesting on its own. Jurassic Park has been lying to us for all those years. The best part was seeing my sister in law and her partner show their baby all the dinosaurs, take millions of photographs and making memories; I cannot wait to be able to do that myself. There were 2 rooms in total dedicated to the Dinosaur Exhibition. I expected a little bit more interactive things to do, to be honest.

Visiting dinosaurs collection museum

The only interactive thing for you to really do in regards to the show was digging up dinosaur bones which were quite cool to be fair but was totally aimed towards children and not adults. There are also activities that are always there about the history of Lincoln and it’s archeological discoveries but that’s usually free out of the holiday season, I heard through the grapevine that costs about £2.00 on its own in the holidays but It’s definitely worth that price.

Would I recommend going?

Yes if you can afford to throw £7.50 on a 5-minute exhibition. I genuinely think that the price was a bit too steep for what you actually got to experience and that they’d have been better off asking for £4 per person instead. (A much more realistic price)

It is interesting and if your child loves dinosaurs it’s most definitely worth it and if your child is also under 4 they get in for free! Whilst we didn’t pay for the entry of this exhibition, speaking from a tight arses point of view, ultimately it was expensive for what it was.

Visiting dinosaurs collection museum

The Usher Art Gallery

We’re no strangers to visiting the Usher Art Gallery here at number 20 and most of the time nothing really changes, however, they have one room in the gallery dedicated to exhibitions that change on the regular. This time it was a stunning and extremely interesting exhibition by Evan Roth called ‘Red Lines’. Being an Infrared photographer myself I found the exhibition inspiring and the fact they were cinemagraphs just blew my mind and made me want to try some of my own, but the problem in that being my infrared conversion doesn’t film video.

If you’re around the Lincoln area whilst this exhibition is on and you like the art I’d seriously recommend you stop by and take a look, it’s free.

Ice Cream Time Baby!

After we’d visited the museums in Lincoln that we could fit in our time frame, we finished our day with ice cream and a stroll through town back to our parked cars. All in all, it was a brilliant day and just like with any situation it’s what you make of it. It was nice to get out of the house and socialize, it’s something I love doing, mainly with family and close friends and I think that that is priceless.

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