Use Painting As a Source of Therapy.

Whether you’re good, mediocre or bad at painting, painting can be the best source of therapy and there’s so many different genres to paint that the world is literally your oyster.

If you’re not very good at painting and think that you’re awful at it, wack out your paints and become an ”abstract painter”. You don’t even need to have a concept in mind here, just get your paints, paintbrushes, and paper and colour the crap out of that paper, let out all of your emotions and feelings out onto that one or maybe 100 sheets of paper and create something truly special.

If you’re good at painting then this might be better if you actually think of something to paint, when I turn to my paintbrush I find myself searching for inspiration within my own photography half of the time and I like to create paintings from the photographs that didn’t make it out into the public eye because they’re not good enough due to being blurred most of the time.

It’s come to a point in my life at the moment, without going into too much detail where life is really hard at the moment, I know I have said this 1000 times before but at this moment in time it feels like absolutely nobody is listening to me and all I have as a comfort is my painting. It’s the only thing that calms me down and takes my mind off of everything.


I’ve done so many weird and wonderful paintings over the last few days that I don’t know what to do with them, but whilst I’m in that moment, with my painting brush in hand I forget for a moment that I am well and truly utterly exhausted and miserable.

My life consists of cleaning, nagging, a bit more cleaning and then worrying about where I’m going to find the time to get my work done and then finally when my mind allows it I go to sleep, ready to go through the same process the next day. I never expected that having 12 pets to be easy and yes it’s an unrealistic reality to expect my house to be spotless all the time but simple little helps around the house would be greatly appreciated so I could get on with some work once in a while. I am so close to finishing my studies and unfortunately, at the moment I feel as though I am falling at the last hurdle.

For so long I have been looking after other people and encouraging them to go for it with their dreams and in that process, I have felt mine fading away in front of my eyes.

So, currently I am sat at my nan’s house, surrounded by a lifetime supply of paints and paper and I am just forgetting about how crap and tired I feel right now, taking every little bit of anger and bitterness in and using it as a creative source, even if i’m not very good at it.


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