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Happy Sunday!
Last night me and my sister, Nicola had a pretty ”spur of the moment” shoot. I had a new backdrop I wanted to work with and she wanted a photo shoot done with the subject as ”strange and beautiful”.
I love working with Nic because she has such a  quirky interest in art and photography that she pushes me to be that little bit more creative and adventurous within my photoshoots, more so when working with her individually.
We did a lot of images throughout however I have split them into different blog posts so I can talk about them more as a set rather than as a whole because they all have much different feels to them.
Equipment used: 
  • Canon 6D
  • 50mm 1.8 lens
  • Sparklers
  • Softbox
  • Pop up studio with a backdrop.

To get the widescreen effect on these images I actually took them whilst in video mode, this is something I find myself doing a lot in order to get the wide, cinematic feel to the images. For some reason, I find it a lot easier to work with the ambient light in a room this way compared to just plainly shooting without the flash. – Also, I got to record some awesome video whilst taking the images!

Above it states that I used a softbox, the softbox was just placed to the right of the model giving her a  warm light on her face, the flash wasn’t used as these bleached out the sparkler too much and took away the natural and cinematic feel to the image.




Model Used: Nicola Harrison
Photographer: www.shannon-matthews.com


Contact for enquries: smphotography.work@gmail.com


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