Unexpected Friends, Walkies In The Park & Family Day Out.

Howdy! Happy Sunday everyone.

The weeks are flying by so fast, it’s hard to believe we are almost at the end of February already.

We’ve been blessed with some glorious weather this week here in the UK, even more glorious for February. This week has been relatively busy for me, Tuesday I took Birdie for a play date at my mums in Gainsborough. I’m still undecided on whether or not she enjoyed it, it was a lot for her to take in though. Mum has 4 birds herself, 2 of which are Conures too, like Birdie. After a while, she settled in a little bit and soon started digging into some chilli pepper and apple.

I’ve also been doing a lot of work this week in regards to planning future content for this blog, my photography blog and a¬†book that I am currently working on that I’m hoping to publish to the Amazon market later in the year. (It’s photography based so it might, or might not be up your street, but it sure will be pretty to look at!)

Thursday was a pretty chilled day, we had a very quick walk around some location near Scampton. I made friends with a horse and spent a good 15 minutes giving constant loves to him/her. Stewart wasn’t too keen on the horse and swears blind that it smelt his fear and went to bite him. I can confirm because I was there and I saw it that the horse did not go to bite him. After this short walk, We went t pound stretcher, bought a fair amount of cleaning products, I cleaned the windows and Stewart FINALLY started cleaning the garage and the front of the house. I’ve only been asking since the end of November 2018.

Friday, We’d planned to do something with my mum, nan, grandad, sister and little brother.

Family days out are my favourite. Mum, just like me is always looking for a family day out and we are sure to put our heads together with my nan to work something out. Sometimes sitting in someone’s house gets a bit tiresome and it’s nice to go out with your family somewhere to catch up.

We went to Creswell Crags, somewhere we’ve not been to for well over 8 years just for a walk and explore of the beautiful nature and history of the place, the sun was beaming and it was just bloody glorious. I got tons of infrared photographs and if you wanna keep up to date with them then you can see them on my photography blog;

Prior to going out with the fam, Stewart and I took the dogs for a walk around a local park, we wanted to make the most of the sunshine and didn’t have to set off to meet mum for a couple of hours. It was a really pleasant walk and the dogs absolutely loved it. They even made friends with 2 other dogs in the park which was adorable. Safe to say when they got home they were shattered.


Photographs from the week




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