Tupholme Abbey At Dusk.

Tupholme Abbey At Dusk.

Here I am again, at Tupholme abbey. One of my favourite places to go, (Tupholme abbey at dusk is especially magical!) mainly because it’s easy to get to. I’ve been here in total darkness before with a friend  for one of their photography projects.  We went back to visit me, Stewart and Nicola, whilst on a little ghost hunt. There is supposed to be a ghost of a white dog, Stewart said are you sure it’s not just a sheep  – He had a valid point.

The way that the moon placed in the arches of these windows was absolutely stunning and captured my eye completely. I thought it was stunning so I  did what I do best and took a photograph. These images were taken with my Canon 6D and edited on the Adobe Lightroom mobile app with a preset in the black and white section.

I thought that these pictures were really something beautiful to look at and fit’s the complete theme of the night, spooky, magical and just mystical. I would love some feedback on these images. What do you think? Personally, I think that the contrast is really lovely in these images however, some people might think that this is too much contrast.

tupholme abbey at dusktupholme abbey at dusktupholme abbey at dusk

Please let me know what you think of these images! All feedback welcome.

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