Trimming Up Nan’s House

Trimming Up Nan’s House

Welcome back to another instalment of the weekly updates. 

This week, the highlight was going to my Nan’s and putting up her Christmas decorations. If she could I’m pretty sure she’d not put them up at all but seeing as we’re all there for Christmas day dinner, it was ESSENTIAL that a tree was erected and lights were up. 

My sister Nik, Nan and I ventured up to her spare room and got out the boxes of decorations and spent a good couple of hours getting them out and turning Nan’s living room into a cosy little Christmas haven, Granddad supplied us with coffee and alcohol free mulled wine, which by the way was bloody glorious and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

The first tree we put up was this quirky one you can see in the pictures above, but Nicola wen’t back upstairs to find some more decorations and she found a much better tree which ended up taking the place of this one, a beautful snowy one.

Asides from trimming up Nanna’s house not much else was achieved this week. Stewart’s days off seemed to be sucked up again, they speed by so quickly I don’t understand where the time goes and before I know it he’s back at work and I’m left to amuse myself, which is quite hard when you’re an active little bean and you’re also heavily preggo! 

Not much more happened this week asides from an early pay day – which was a bit of a pain in the ass as it’s hard to stretch our pay over 4 weeks, let alone 5 and you have a baby arriving in 3. I also went to see the midwife again, which will all be spoken about it my next pregnancy journals update, coming very soon (I’ll link it below when live!)

Until next time folks, when Christmas will all be over. xx

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