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Let’s start this post off with my ultimate fave outfit of the week. My beautiful vintage shorts and white gypsy top. These shorts I purchased from a vintage fair a couple of years ago and honestly, I absolutely adore them. Not only are they flattering on my figure, they’re super comfortable and perfect for keeping cool in hot weather.

vintage shorts

I felt like my outfit really went with the theme for the day as I spent most of the day wearing this outfit searching for beautiful antiques and second hand products for my home and the upcoming Halloween bash that I host every year.


Next we have an outfit I wore for Theodores Christening on Sunday. I had a bit of a morning where nothing looked good on my body and therefore I kind of ended up with this and I absolutely hated it but it seemed to be the only thing that didn’t make me feel absolutely horrendous. – What do you think? I just think It’s way too dark.

Ok, so this outfit is a ”its too hot so I’m going to wear this light airy maxi skirt as a dress” kind of outfit. I actually really liked it however, I was cleaning with it on and splashed bleach on it and had to then tie dye with bleach, which btw came out banging and I cannot wait to show that to you!!!

The rest of the week was me decorating so I haven’t taken any images of my scruffs because I’ve been extremely busy with making my kitchen look pretty – check it out here!

Here is a picture I took yesterday whilst doing the finishing touches and looking extremely tired. I had to take a photo because my hair and top matched perfectly with the kitchen d├ęcor and it pleased me greatly.

vintage shorts



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