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NOTE: Happy Friday sweeties! I’ve been M.I.A over the last week or two on here and I’ll explain why in Sunday’s post but for now let’s get to the good stuff, my fashion faves this week!

As you know I’ve just recently started posting fashion related material on here and I am still working on a format for that but I don’t want to delay any more posts, so you’re just going to have to deal with pictures bunged into a collage this week because It’s the best I got.

This week I’ve been fairly busy in relation to housework and have had very little time to shoot decent photographs of my outfits this week, however, something is better than nothing right so let’s have a look.


fashion faves

I loved this combo. I’m so into yellow right now for clothing and yellow also actually makes for a really great eyeshadow colour believe it or not. I was shocked too! I’m not entirely sure whether I was digging the jeans. I’ve been quite body conscious this week so, you know. It happens sometimes.


fashion faves

Much to my dismay, this is the only photograph I have of this outfit and I would have liked this shot the shit out of because well, It’s stunning. I absolutely loved wearing this outfit, however as the day went on I had to take the coat off because it was just too warm but I’m already planning on wearing this again very soon. Bloody loved it I did!!! What do you think??

fashion faves

I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I liked the way I visioned it in my head as proper retro 90’s inspire but wearing it I just felt so frumpy. I’d eaten my body weight in carbs for the past 24 hours and I decided then to let Stewart take a few pics of me around the Cathedral whilst I fought zombies. (The walking dead game, that’s like Pok√©mon go is great fun!!!)


As you know, I’m totally into my hippy inspired outfits and this for sure was a good one if I do say so myself. SO incredibly comfortable and keeps you cool in this sticky heat we are experiencing here in the UK. Due to me having eczema, It’s not always great for me to have my legs or arms on show because they get irritated by the heat and I scratch and then I turn into a scabby, dry mess. SEXY.

What do you think of this weeks fashion faves? let me know in the comments below.



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