Things That Made Me Smile In May

Hello and welcome back to another things that made me smile post. I really enjoy doing these post’s because I think it’s important to acknowledge the positives in your life. May has been a relatively busy month and there’s been quite a lot that has made me smile too. Whether or not I can remember them though, that’s the real question.

Things That Made Me Smile In May

Birthday Celebrations

This month saw not just my mums birthday but also my sisters birthday the day after my mums. For my sisters we spent the day at Yorkshire wildlife park oogling all of the animals and eating picnic. It was a really lovely day and spending time with family always makes me happy. 

Good News

There really is nothing better than a little bit of good news when the year so far has battered you down. Almost half way through 2019 and it feels like we are finally getting a break, kind of.

Being Outdoors

Being outdoors is something I love anyway but this month I’ve enjoyed it a lot more than I would have usually. I seem to have a ton more energy (however as I’m writing this i’m almost falling asleep and 17:40 in the afternoon.) Outdoors is something we absolutely take for granted and a lot of us certainly do not spend enough time outside.

Decorating The House

We’re currently freshening up our house decor and fixing things up. Since listing everything that needs doing, there isn’t actually that much to do, they’re just pretty big jobs, but it will all be worth it when it’s done.

What made you smile this May? 

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