Things That Made Me Smile in March – March Smells

Things That Made Me Smile in March – March Smells

The third month is now practically over, spring is here and summer is well and truly on it’s way. Unfortunatly I can’t say the same for my summer bod, but what can ya do when you love chocolate so damn much. I’ve been a lot more aware of my surroundings this month and have felt happy at some of the smallest things in life.

I’ve been wanting to start these posts ever since the start of the year, placing my gratitude out there on the internet for all to see and now, i’ve finally had a couple of weeks with some actual positives that I can brag about.

March Sounds

This month I’ve been noticing a few more familiar sounds outside that i’ve not heard for a while. There’s something different to the birds chirping outside when spring comes around. It’s been so nice to sit with my windows open (only slightly because I have a bird that would probably make an escape for it if she could.) and listen to the birds singing their little songs outside.

I’ve also heard a lot more lawnmowers this month which excites me greatly as it means it’s grass cutting season and soon my nostrils will be treated to the beautiful smell of fresh lawn clippings on a hot summers day!

New Baby

Anyone who knows me will know just how potty I am about little babies. how cute, tiny and cuddly they are and on top of that how wonderfully devine they smell too. Someone just put me in a pit of baby humans or animals and I will be 100% happy.

Mothers Day Afternoon Tea

To say it’s hard to get my family in one place together at one time would be an understatement so it’s important to create these little get togethers with family to make sure that we do just that. Unfortunatly there are times when some can’t attend due to uncontrollable circumstances but never the less, it’s important that they take place.  

Tods Recovery!

It’s never great when your furbs get poorly but when you’re certain there’s almost no way they’re going to pull through, the moment they do, well that moment happened on Saturday 30th March. Thankfully, just two days after leaving hospital, Tod is returning to his usual, fiesty self. 

This month, I’ve naturally become more mindful (want to know how to be more mindful? Click here) of things around me. I’ve never really been one to take in my surroundings because my anxiety would tell me not to. For example; I’d not really notice the sounds of the birds and sunshine because it would make me want to go outside and that would result in something bad happening to me. HOWEVER, whilst I am still struggling with coming to terms with going out on my own, I am more susceptible to taking in all those sounds and the idea that one day, hopefully soon that I shall leave the house on my own and enjoy it in the process.

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