The World’s Biggest Moth – Sunday Sum Up

biggest moth

NOTE: Sunday Sum Up has arrived, however, this time it comes to you in a different form but still has the same idea.



Shannon and Stewart were out in their garden attempting their damnedest at controlling the foliage in the garden when Shannon noticed something on Stewart’s leg that wasn’t there before, due to the size of the ‘thing’ Shannon didn’t think it was a bug or insect of any sort and asked Stewart what he had

on his leg. Stewart shrieked like a little girl as he noticed that what was on his leg, was, in fact, a gigantic moth. The gardening then had to come to a halt as Stewart found himself far too distressed to

continue after his ordeal with the giant. Shannon however, found the situation highly amusing and couldn’t stop laughing at her partner’s unfortunate encounter with the moth. The biggest moth they’d ever seen!





In the past week or two Shannon and Stewart have had to take not only one but two animals to the vets racking up quite a costly bill. When they thought that all that was over, Noah, their oldest dog of 5 years old developed an ear infection costing the couple another £60 but what knarked the couple the most was the fact that the medication that the dog was given can be bought online for the much cheaper price of £8. 

biggest moth
A dog has to visit vet due to a returning ear infection.



The Bailgate is the main attraction asides from the cathedral alone for visiting Lincoln. It’s by far the best part of the city and is extremely stunning for photography. Shannon and Stewart have been working hard on their online businesses all week and needed some images of themselves for their social media’s and blogs so they decided to make the most of a beautiful Wednesday morning and go and take some images in their favourite part of the city.  




















This week has been full of family activities for Shannon and Stewart. Last Sunday they visited Shannon’s mum where they all (apart from Shannon) Watched the England football match, ate a lot of food, drank a lot of alcohol and got very tanned. It was described as a wonderful day and they can’t wait to all get together again very soon. They also had a BBQ and drinks at Shannon’s dad’s on Friday in celebration of Andrew’s (Shannon’s brother) 19th birthday that is coming up on Monday. Both of these events were successful with no returning of the biggest moth! 

biggest moth
A big family in a small garden
biggest moth
A family move their chairs to get the last little bit of sunshine
















by Shannon Matthews




biggest moth

This week’s fashion/ beauty fave of the week has got to be a good tan! The weather here in the UK has brought us the biggest moth in the UK and some absolutely stunning sunshine meaning we haven’t needed an abroad holiday to get a beautiful tan, however, if anyone is willing to buy us a holiday it really would be greatly appreciated. It’s important however that you keep in mind the safety of tanning. Make sure you put on that suncream to keep your skin protected and for aftercare, moisturize to avoid peeling! 




biggest moth

There’s not been much creativity going on this week. I did, however, start a painting at the start of the week that unfortunately, I ruined. You know when you’re a perfectionist and you’ve been staring at something for so long and it just doesn’t look right – So you start doing things that you think are going to improve it and actually you’re just making it worse? Yeah, that was the case for me too. This picture you’ll see the painting way before it was finished and ruined. It looks absolutely nothing like this now. It was painted from a photograph of my Nana Judy on her wedding day. 





biggest moth
Alfie looking unhappy because the pool doesn’t have any bouncy balls in it.
biggest moth
This is by far one of the cutest cottages in the world.







biggest moth
Multiple Red Arrows flying over Scampton, UK



This week I am hoping to have quite a chilled and productive one. The week just gone was a lot busier than anticipated, however, it’s been really nice but I’ve had to rush all my admin into my Saturday due to having such a busy week so I’m hoping that this next week I can get back on track with things in my work. I am also hoping that this month is a lot cheaper and less stressful than last months. I am feeling good, I am feeling very positive and things are certainly looking up. Saturday this week I have had a little get together at my house planned, A Summer Soiree which  I really need to start organising properly now but I’m sure there will be some posts up next week about some of the fun things I’ve been planning and organising.


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