The Weekly Update Is Back!

The Weekly Update Is Back!

It’s been ages since I’ve done one of these and I’ve just not had the motivation to do so but here we are. A lot has happened since I last updated you, obviously, if you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I am pregnant and have probably read my Pregnancy Journals but if you haven’t you can catch them listed below. We have also lost 3 more of our animals. Baby (dwarf hamster), Benji (rabbit) and Niall (our oldest guinea pig). It’s taken it’s a toll on the at number 20 household as now, that’s 6 furbabies lost in the space of a year but never the less, it was their time.

Pregnancy Journals; Weeks 4-12

Pregnancy Journals; Weeks 13-16


This Week

I went swimming with my mum and two sisters Nicola and Luce. When I say swimming I mean bobbing because I can’t actually swim at all. We went to Doncaster dome and I’ve not been there for well over 10 years. It surprised me to find that it’s not changed at all. Not one little bit, you can just swim for an unlimited time now, which is great if you can swim.

Stewart has also had the week off so we spent his first day at his mums, destroying her bathroom. She’s renovating her house currently and it was nice to be able to help. We also had some lunch at the village pub in Southrey, I mean to take photographs more of the things I get up to in the week so that I actually have visuals to show but, I forget.

We also went on a day out with the in laws, we don’t usually have full family days about before with everyone present but this time we did and it was really nice. The highlight of my day, however, was seeing the penguins. Woodside has the most amazing penguin enclosure that i’ve ever seen. The penguins are actually in touching distance, however you’re told not to touch them. The rain only just stayed away, after being forecasted all week to pour it down.

I also had a couple of appointments to attend this week. A antenatal mental health and a 16 week check up with the midwife. Everything was all good. If you read my pregnancy updates you’ll be updated with all of my appointments so far if you’re interested.

I spent a well overdue day with my Nanna Jean this week too, we went for the essential coffee and then ventured off to Scunthorpe and got some baby stuff.

Friday was lost to Lost. We spent Thursday night binging the tv series and then the whole of Friday too. My dad suggested I watch it years ago now but I never got round to it and now, I’m hooked.

We also got a SHOWER! We’ve been without a shower for too long. It took Stewart the whole of Sunday to install it but my god it was worth it. Baths are great but sometimes they can be so time consuming and just hopping into a shower is the comfort you just need.

All in all, that’s all I have to update you with folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed being nosey and catching up with all the goings on in my life at the moment . I shall be back next Sunday evening with an update, although I’m not promising anything.

Photos From The Week

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