The Week In Photographs 6/1/19

Hello and Happy New Year to you all! How did you see in yours? I sat and ate a full jam roly poly to myself whilst taking photographs and videos of my rabbits. I’ve always been a bit of a new year humbug and this year nothing changed, as soon as the clock struck midnight, I was laid in my bed moaning about the amount of fireworks that were going off outside. I was tired and I wanted to sleep.

The fireworks soon died off and I was able to go to sleep, ready to start my 2019 bright eyed and bushy tailed.

I started this week in quite a positive mindset but due to the way that life works, there was always going to be something that was going to bring my positivity down but one thing I did learn is that Animals definetly, absolutely bring to my life a lot more happiness than anyone in my life.

Thursday, Stewart and I decided to get out the house and take our camera’s somewhere. He bought a Go Pro with his Christmas Money so he was eager to go out and test it. The weather wasn’t great so we just went somewhere relatively local – Willingham Woods. I didn’t find anything NEW to photograph but I still managed to grab some shots!

Friday consisted of shopping. We stocked up on our pet supplies for the month and then spent the day just chilling.

Saturday we decided to go for a walk around Hackthorn Village. It’s on my list of my favourite places in Lincolnshire and you can see that post and all of it’s photographs here:

A walk Around Hackthorn Village

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