The Week In Photographs: 20/01/19

The Week In Photographs: 20/01/19

Another week and another heartbreak. To try and get my head around the fact that this year I’ve lost 3 of my furbabies is hard, let alone trying to come to terms with the fact they were all taken from me in the space of a week is just unfathomable. If you keep up to date with me or read last week’s This Week In Photographs, you’ll have read that I lost Bilbo and Nev, Exactly a week after these losses, Pumpkin went to join them in furbaby heaven. Pumpkin was the first hamster I’ve ever 100% fully bonded with, So when we discovered she was gone, I didn’t sleep and cried for a good 12 hours straight and then on and off. I miss her so much it’s unreal.

Unfortunately asides from that, I’ve had a particularly low key week. Stewart’s been back at work so I’ve had time to myself and it’s been hard to get myself back into my usual routine, even more so when you experience something that’s just going to make it harder.

I went to see my family in Gainsborough on Friday, which is always nice, we went for our obligatory Coffee at Costa, did a bit of mooching around Marshalls Yard and then went back to mum’s to meet her new Parrot, Boomer and watch my 22-year-old sister, Lucy get absolutely smashed in a game of Memory by my 4-year-old brother, Eli.

I’m really pleased to be saying goodbye to this week. I feel like it’s really tested my mental strength but today, I’m feeling good. Next week’s post will be much more picture filled and have much more to read about no doubt as on Friday my sisters (Lucy and Nicola) and I are going to Sheffield to see The 1975 live. The excitement is actually unreal and I cannot wait to cry my eyes out with happiness and spend some quality time with the sisters of course…


The Week In Photographs




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