The Week In Photographs 13/1/19

The Week In Photographs 13/1/19

Happy Sunday! Here we are, 2 weeks into January already. It feels like the year is flying by again. This week has been a weird and tough one, we lost two pets, Bilbo – The biggest of our hamsters and Nev, one of our 5-year-old guinea pigs also sadly passed away.

Asides from that, we’ve really not done a lot. We attempted a trip to the peak district earlier this week and to be honest it really didn’t go to plan and we literally stopped for like 5 minutes before we had to turn and go home again, it was actually really pointless.

We’ve also had a lot of time with our pets this week due to the two losses and asides from that, we actually bought a new little friend for Niall as he was looking a little bit lonely and the rabbits company wasn’t quite making up for the loss of his brother, so we got him a new little friend, Brixton.  

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