The Week In Outfits

This week I’ve got a few outfits to share with you because I’ve actually made the effort to get dressed and not slump around for most of the day in my pj’s whilst getting work done. I’ve really tried to embrace a ”hippy clothing” type of style this week and have even made much more of an effort with my make up too, even whacked out the lashes, yes I have!

It’s been so hot this week that I’ve barely been able to breathe however, that’s not stopped me going out and about – yes I’ve maybe ventured out in the evening when it’s cooled down a little bit, I’m not stupid.


hippy clothing

Regardless of the hot weather I decided at the start of the week to sport jeans. Yes, I think there is something wrong with me. I was absolutely boiling but I thought the airy shirt would help keep me cool. I was wrong but I’ve also come to the conclusion that you’d be too hot in your birthday suit in this 30 degree heat. Defo an outfit I am going to bring out more towards the weather cooling down.


hippy clothing

This outfit is quite an adventurous one for me I think. I’m quite adventurous with my fashion anyway, however double denim and flares??? I was taking a major risk with this one, however I think I managed to pull off the 70’s hippy that I was going for. This was actually a really comfortable outfit however, yet again there’s far too much clothing on my body and I may as well have thrown myself in a bucket of lava.

hippy clothing

I was really self conscious in this outfit and all in all I thought it was a terrible idea for the weather conditions. I was firstly uncomfortable because the trousers were a little big on me, however, I think they still looked pretty sick and the shoes went really well. That was until I got really bad blisters and had to buy some more shoes; silver lining and all that.

hippy clothing

Now this has been my favourite of the week! I paired this beautifully airy top with some high wasted shorts and it looked totally C-U-T-E. Unfortunately, my personal photographer has been slacking this week so I’ve had to plan how i’m going to get some much better outfit pictures for you next week!  It really bugs me that my necklace isn’t sat correctly in this photograph too…

Unfortunately I can’t tell you where any of these clothes are from because they’re all quite old and mostly from charity shops and my nan!

my nan has style.

Which outfit was your favourite?


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