The Reality of Life With 20 Pets

Since my last post about how many animals I have and what it was like living with them,  Living With 13 Pets I’ve increased my little fluffy army by 7. I do sit there and question ”WHY? Why do you do this to yourself?” and then I imagine my life without them.


Life isn’t easy with pets at the best of time, However, here’s a list of why my life isn’t easy with 20 pets.

Constant, necessary cleaning E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y. (Which includes, Sweeping and hoovering as well as mopping the entire house and dusting.

Cleaning out the caged pets every fortnight as well as the above.C

Cleaning their food bowls every day.

The vet bills appear to be constant at the moment, However, our recent vet bills are being covered by the pet shop that we got Odin from because they sold us a female, very ill rabbit covered in abscesses. Which we were told was a boy and just needed a brush.

I have to add these to my everyday normal chores like; washing the pots, putting a wash on, drying the washing and putting the washing away.

In the midst of all of the above, I find it hard to find time within the day where I have the energy to sit down and work. Whether it be on this website or on Feathern Twig (Online Wiccan and Pagan Store).  I wake at 8:30 there bout’s everyday, I have my coffee whilst doing my make up – giving myself that OH, SO IMPORTANT wake up time before I tackle the house.

I then Sweep. I sweep as well as hoover because I find it works better when it comes to fly away bunny hair, the sweeping brush I have is great because it has a foam dust collector alongside the bristles and honestly, it sweeps to perfection and then I use the hoover to get up those heaps of animal fur and bunny poop. Finishing off with a floor steam to remove any smells.

** At this point you’re probably wondering what pets I have as I actually haven’t told you yet; 6 Rabbits, (Including a Flemish giant.) 2 guinea pigs, 4 hamsters, 2 dogs, 3 cats and 2 birds. 20 pets and that’s not including the 2 fish tanks we have (One cold water and one tropical.)**

The main problem at the moment is the dogs, not through any fault of their own. We have to deal with them doing all of their business in the house these days because it’s very rare we can let them out without some kind of disruption. I’ll put that story in a completely different post though and you can read that here.

It truly is a whole days work to clean out all the animals and half a days work keeping on top of house maintenance. So it’s not until 12:30-1pm ish that I actually get to sit down, eat some lunch and get some work done. I’m not complaining though.

Every time I think about how much hard work it all is, I do admittedly, think about my life without them and how much simpler it would be, but then I remember just how miserable and bored I was with my life when I had no pets. Each time I’ve added a pet it’s been another personality added into the mix and honestly, there is very rarely a dull moment and just seeing there little faces makes me so happy and – as crazy as it sounds, I have little conversations with them. Birdie sometimes replies (she’s a Conure parrot so she’s quite the vocal little devil!)

It can also be very expensive. It’s very rare usually that we take a trip to the vets but when we do they all seem to do it together and it’s really quite  a task getting them all healthy again once they all go downhill.

So in conclusion, it is really hard and yes I may be mad, but I am also a very happy bean who gets to cuddle her fur babies every moment of everyday.






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      Shannon Matthews

      I only just find the time. Even though I work from home My schedule is always jam packed with stuff I need to be doing like admin and all the other bits and bobs that comes with owning a blog and an online shop. I wouldn’t change my life for the world though.

  1. Rachelle Lewis

    Wow! I love how much of animal lover you are. I only have one dog but want more one day when we get a bigger place. The works needs more animal lovers like you so inspiring.

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      Shannon Matthews

      Aww, thank you! I’m not sure my partner fully appreciates how much I love animals, or maybe he does that’s why he’s with me, either way it doesn’t stop him complaining about the mess but he loves them just as much as me, I’m sure of it. x

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