The First Walk Of 2019 – Willingham Woods

Other photographers, do you ever get the desire to go out and shoot but inspiration is low and you can’t for the life of you find something that you actually want to photograph? That was Stewart and I today. Stewart, desperate to go out and use his Go-Pro that he purchased with his Christmas money (and avoiding going to the tip) was avidly googling trying to find somewhere unique we could go to do some photographs that weren’t too far out.

We had no luck, and ended up going to Willingham Woods, a place that I’ve photographed more than a couple of times, I wasn’t that excited to be going but I was excited to be going out and getting a pinch of fresh air as my cough seems to be returning to me with brutal force – It was also absolutely Baltic.

Stewart was snapping away and let me tell you now, his obsession with Instagram just gets worse. If you want to follow him – He can post a lot in one day – but that can be good right? His handle is, @stewartjamesmoore

willingham woods

I took both my Infrared and standard camera with me, I made it one of my new years resolution’s to take more photographs so i’m really making the effort to make sure I have my camera’s with me whenever I leave the house. I didn’t take a lot of pictures and got 1 or 2 that actually might make the archive.

It’s really hard to feel inspired to take photographs when you go for a walk somewhere that’s supposed to be relatively peaceful and quiet and there’s a woman practically screaming like she’s being murdered at her dog, who is not on a lead to come back; If you’re dog isn’t trained enough to come back then it shouldn’t be on a lead; especially not in a wooded area where it can run very easily onto a main road, but that’s just my opinion.

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