The First Festive Week

The First Festive Week

This week has been absolutely jam-packed with Christmas goodness and is the first festive week of the year and I am more than happy with that if I do say so myself, it’s instantly drawn me out of my slump and here I am uploading a blog post with motivation for the first time in god knows how long. (The Pregnancy Journals don’t count!)

We put up our Christmas decorations up in the house and it’s made the place look beautifully cosy and a pleasure to do nothing in. We’ve also managed to get a chunk of Christmas shopping done this week which has lifted a massive weight off my shoulders.

Putting Up Christmas Decorations Improves Your Mental Health

Birthday celebrations were on the cards a lot this past week, Sunday the 10th we went to Frankie and Benny’s with Stewart’s side, we then had dinner at my dad’s on Monday and then it was my mums for dinner on Wednesday. So this week consisted of quite a lot of mingling for myself and I was expecting to be floored with exhaustion but surprisingly, I wasn’t exhausted at all and coped quite well with the socializing.

Stewart started his new job as a manager in Gainsborough this week so that meant that I got to meet him in the evening at Marshal’s yard to enjoy the Christmas lights be switched on, on Friday. I was surprised by the lack of attractions around Marshals Yard if I’m honest, for such a big car park, less than half of it was filled with attractions, I can’t help but think if they’d have spread the attractions out a bit that the crowding, pushing and shoving would have been minimized. It was very cold and boring if I’m honest but it was lovely to spend the time with some of my nearest and dearest and enjoy the actual light switch on and one of the best firework displays I’ve seen in a while at Marshals Yard. It was beautiful.

You’ll have to forgive the fact I’m out of practice with my weekly updates and writing and this post might be a little draggy and boring but, it’s a start of coming back so stick with me.

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