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The DIY Hamster Play Pit

The Hamster’s New Play Pit

diy hamster play pit

For a while, I’ve wanted to create a play pit for my hamsters. I’ve read in quite a lot of places that they love to dig in the sand, and thanks to my summer fiesta a few weeks ago and so this week I did just that. I got the biggest container that was lying around the house that I could find and filled it deep enough for my precious little hooligans to play in. I also ripped out some bark from the tree trunks at the bottom of the garden, collected some rocks and plant pots for them to play with.

diy hamster play pit

Bilbo was the first hamster to wake from his slumber and therefore got to experience the sandy goodness first. I had to hide mealworms around the pit at this point because I knew he would bore quickly. Even with mealworms, he was out and back in his own environment within seconds. The two little ones were next, Baby and Bella. Now I knew straight away that these little mites would love it the most and I have never seen hamsters so playful. It was absolutely adorable watching them dig and roll around in the sand. Lastly, Pumpkin had a turn, and much like Bilbo she got bored fairly quickly, however, she did enjoy a good little digging sesh!

diy hamster play pit


Tupholme Abbey

Also this week we went on a trip to Tupholme abbey. Tupholme Abbey is fairly local to us and it’s always been somewhere we’ve enjoyed going just for the mooch. We kind of vlogged it and you can check that out over on my IGTV. It was nice to go back though. It’s always nice to revisit places and photograph them again because you always see different things that you want to photograph.

I don’t know if anyone else does this but, when I visit places with a substantial amount of history, I find myself daydreaming and envisioning what was once there. I try to imagine where exactly everything would have been and how people would have been walking around and I really try and submerge myself in the history of it. I think that’s the spiritual side of me trying to get out more.



Painting, Painting & Much More Painting!


This week I have been boshing out the paintings. I say that I’ve only completed one and am currently in the middle of finishing another but all in all, it’s been an extremely productive week in terms of letting leash of my creative side and I’ve really enjoyed it. Painting is something I never really liked up until about just under a year ago. I’d done it at school for a GCSE but had worked with oil paints and I just really hated everything about oil paints, the length they took to dry to the god-awful smell of them. I’d never really taken the time to sit and work with watercolors and when I did everything changed when it came to my artwork. I now have a full sketchbook full of paintings and about 5 a1 paintings. Which is probably already in just under a year more art than I created during my 2 years of my Art GCSE.


My Bunnies Finally Bonded!!!

Holy crap you guys. Literally last week I was worried that Mac would never be able to roam the house free with the other 5 bunnies. No matter what we tried Bronson and Mac would fight so bad. We tried taking them on a car journey together and even putting leads and harnesses on them and putting them in the garden, on mutual ground and it just wasn’t encouraging them to bond. After spending too much time on google I’d come to the conclusion that maybe my bunnies will never bond and Mac will always have to have his 1 hour run around time and then be locked back in his cage and that made me so sad to think about.  The next morning when I went through to the kitchen I noticed that Mac’s cage was open. We’d heard no fighting in the night and mac was nowhere to be seen. Turns out he was in the draw of the cabinet – his new fave cubby hole. He and Bronson have not had a single fight since. I don’t know whether they made a pack and Bronson let Mac out and now they’re best buddies or what, but I am certainly not complaining. They even have their dinner together now.

The Best Pics From The Week


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