The Deep, 2014

The Deep in Hull is one of my favourite days out either with the partner, with friends or with family. I’m not usually a fan of fish, however, The Deep is home to some of the most amazing tropical fish I have ever seen and for that reason, I blame them for giving me the burning need to one day own my own tropical fish tank, with my very own Nemo’s inside.

The Deep has so much going on that sometimes it’s hard to remember that you are there to take photographs but instead you’re taking everything in with your very own eyeballs instead. Not a bad thing of course. It’s always nice to have a bit of time to see the world without a camera obstructing your view.

These photographs were taken with a Nikon D3200 with a 30mm lens, Which is actually a really great camera and I’d still have it now if all of my lenses were Nikon instead of Canon. Canon lenses just became more accessible for me.

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The Deep






I took about 5 photographs this day and only 3 of them came out decent, which isn’t really that bad if you think about it. I’m looking to go back to The Deep, Hull sometime soon to have another shot at getting some images, especially now as my photography skills have improved since 4 years ago.


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