Tattershall Castle, A Trip To Skegness & Birthday Celebrations

tattershall castle

Hello and welcome back. This week has been jam-packed off little adventures and doings including Tattershall castle, a trip to Skegness and birthday celebrations. It’s been the first week in a long time that I’ve been able to deal with human interaction without getting so irritated by peoples attitudes and opinions and I’ve actually been able to enjoy human interaction for once. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed this week is that the mum that’s currently brewing in me is more hard and cold than what some people would already consider me to be.

Whereas before I found it easy to completely shut out people who made me feel in some kind of negative way or anyone who would turn my thoughts negative, I found that now it’s not just about me and protecting my own mental health – I’ve GOT TO protect my little growing family and ultimately, me and my little bean in my stomach is my main priority and will be now for the rest of my life. I am willing to cut people out and am willing to also love unconditionally and show equal respect to people who show that to me and my loved ones. Pregnancy is a transition and this is where I’m at currently.

Now, on to the stuff you’re really here for. The start of this week was quite slow. we had a lot of finance stuff to sort out and to say that it was stressful would have been an understatement, I’ve had to sell my iPhone to help with some money issues we’ve encountered this month thanks to good old Vodaphone but that’s a whole story for another time and it’s all boring and not really worth going into if I’m honest but on Wednesday the week turned around and became much happier. The weather got better and we wanted to make sure that we got in some last things as a duo before we became a trio. We visited Tattershall castle, which was a lot more interesting than I remember it to be and I actually enjoyed and appreciated going around and exploring more than I did as a child; Stewart also claimed he’d never been before so it was nice to mark off that first on his belt too. (More pictures will be displayed below0

Thursday was my sister’s results day and so my brother picked me up and chauffered me to Gainsborough to spend the day with her. She did so very well and made us all proud.

Friday Stewart and I decided to take our last trip to the seaside together before our baby makes her grand entrance in January. It was hot, beautifully sunny. We took a trip along the beach and the sea, goofed about in the arcades and ate all the food we could, finishing our day with the obligatory doughnut binge. We won a little trinket or a handful of tickets in each arcade and have come to the conclusion that the little person growing in my stomach may just be our good luck charm.

tattershall castle

It was my Dad’s birthday on Saturday and I spent the whole day at his with my family, ate food, took photographs, chilled, chatted and reminisced and looked forward to the future. It appears as well that I’ve taken a serious liking to ham sandwiches which is something I’d usually steer away from so that was an interesting find this week.

It’s been such a good week in perspective and my heart is so full. It’s unbelievable how much my family are supporting me when it comes to getting me ready for our baby’s arrival in January. The fact that everyone is spoiling her and helping us get ready for her is so much help to me. There’s a massive to-do list to make the house ready for her as it’s nowhere near newborn or baby proof at all yet but there’s still time. So MASSIVE thank-you to everyone who’s been helping this week.

Photographs From The Week

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