Sunday Sum Up – 16-09-2018

Sunday evening has come upon us again, like it does every week but does anyone else feel like it creeps up on us faster and faster each week and before we know it it’s Monday morning again. Grab yourself a drink, may it be tea, coffee or even a gin and tonic. get comfy and let’s catch up!


Monday is a long way to think back to but luckily, due to my note keeping in my diary I am able to update you with the very little or less that I did that day and it appears I didn’t do a lot. It was extremely autumnal and I spent most of the day – cleaning – obviously – OH – and we had no WiFi! Read more about that in this post below!

Tuesday I woke up feeling a little more than frustrated and decided to spent the whole day beating the crap out of some paper with some coloured pencils. I’ve said before that painting is my therapy and the same applies for anything that means getting out my thoughts in my head into a picture on a paper. I soon felt fine and dandy again.

Wednesday we finally had WiFi back! I spent the morning lounging in my bed making playlists¬† because I was in the mood for it and what better time to make a playlist than when you’re proper up for it. – I soon got a phone call off my brother who said they were at nanna’s if I wanted to go too and then it was a mad rush to get some clothes on, get out the door and meet my dad at Tesco.


Stewart was off work and we did hardly anything. I think the most exciting thing we did was go mooching around shops and that meant I obviously came home with some Halloween stuff and a waffle machine. I’ve had waffles everyday since. Yummy, Yum, Yum.

Friday we went to Gainsborough to meet my nan who then drove us to Retford for a mooch around the shops. I bought a beautiful vintage dress that is perfect for the autumn period and looks super cute – If you’d like a blog post on it let me know and I’ll whip it up for ya! We also went to my mums to pick up my little sister, Nic, who was spending the weekend with me.

Saturday came along and honestly, you’d think that we’d have done something really cool due to the fact that Nic was staying but nope, we spent most of the day eating waffles, lounging and playing Eye Toy on the ps2. I’m not going to lie it was actually so boring.

Today I spent the day cleaning. As I am writing this now the house still isn’t 100% clean due to the fact as soon as my sister went home, I jumped into my lovely warm bed to nurse the headache i’d been carrying around with me all day. I’ve got a lot done though – I’ve cleaned out my Guinea piggies, rearranged the rabbit’s bedroom and even moved the hamsters as well as cleaning them out to! I’m going to eat some tea and then crack on with the remnants of what is left to do.



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