Spring Home Decor Staples on Amazon

Spring is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me and love making your living space fitting to the time of year you’ll be looking for the perfect home decor pieces to make your home especially spring like and I am going to share with you some of my Amazon favourites for Spring 2020!


Spring Home Decor Staples On Amazon

Pink may or may not be your colour but if it is (to me spring is ALL about the pinks!) this is a perfect little spring home decor staple. If my partner would allow it i’d have a wreath all year round, probably this one in particular because I think it’s bloody beautiful and totally worth the purchase and it’s definitely going straight into my basket! – I’m also going to add that I’m not really one to put wreaths on doors, i’m more of a hanger on the wall or a mirror! 
Click the image to the left now to grab it now for only £12.67!

Now, it’s not easter in anyones house without some kind of bird related ornament, am I right or am I right? I ADORE this little fella and he belongs a place in anyone and everyones home this spring time and would make a beautiful addition to your home so go on, give him a little purchase.

Click the image to the right to grab it now for £17.50

If you;re familiar with the home decor community and market, you’ll know that tree’s are a massive thing too now when it comes to making your home that little bit more festive no matter what the time of year is. It started with the oh so popular, Christmas tree, which then came the Halloween tree and now we have the Easter tree. Purchase this minimal tree that you can use for any holiday in the year and cover it in beautiful easter themed baubles.

Click the image to the left to grab it now for £17.99

I love rabbits. If you follow my blog and any of my social media’s you’ll know just how potty I actually am about bunny rabbits and decor bunny rabbit themed so it was inevitable there was going to be one or two decor items in that category on this list somewhere. I think this cushion cover is the most precious thing ever and would look gorgeous paired with a yellow or teal throw or bed set.

Click the image to the right to grab it now for £6.99

It is not spring in your house until flowers have arrived, whether they be real or fake. I personally prefer fake flowers for 2 reasons. The first one being they don’t die and the second being my bird can’t eat them and poison herself. These blossom themed sticks are just ace (also available in different colours to match your colour scheme!) These beautiful white blossom stalks are perfect for going with any colour palette inside your home.

Click the image to the left to grab it now for £9.99

Cactus, succulents, who can really get enough? I mean, they’re hard enough to kill when they’re real plants, its impossible to kill fake ones. They’re perfect for the person who doesn’t have much time to look after themselves in their busy lifestyle, let alone some little plants. Add a sense of freshness to your home or room with these beautiful, quaint little succulents.

Click the image to the right to grab it now for £14.99

Ok, you may see this one at first and be like, what? Is this girl serious but yes, yes I am. Fill this basket with some real easter eggs for your emergancy chocolate stash, or you can just fill it with all your beautiful blossom that you’ve just added to your basket on Amazon, or maybe purchase a few more flowers and fill that basket with the best load of spring flowers and use it as a beautiful centre piece for the middle of your table.

Click the image to the left to grab it now for £12.46

I’m not really one to go over board when it comes to decor at spring time and feel like less is more. I like to keep my decor very minimal for most part of the year so I can go fully all out for Autumn, Halloween and Christmas. What was your favourite item on this list? Tell me in the comments below.

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