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Seeing The Moon In Person and Getting Designer Specs

Seeing The Moon In Person and Getting Designer Specs

Hello and welcome back to the blog my lovely readers. How are we all and what have you been up to this week? I most definitely think that last weeks week of self-care did me a world of wonders as this week I am feeling a little bit more on top form and therefore I’ve had a much lovelier week for that and feel a lot less, stressed at the prospect of not going out and getting photographs and enjoying much more local activities.

Seeing The Moon In Person and Getting Designer Specs

Monday was full of absolutely nothing, asides from working on my photography website The Image Cosmos. It’s still in the early stages of development and can really do with tons more pictures and products but ‘slow and steady’ and all that. Tuesday was entirely the same and even with two solid days work and admin on the website, it’s really making the difference.

HUMP DAY came around, Wednesday, the weather was glorious and because of that, the cleaning bug in me came alive. I not only did my day-to-day chores I also had a wardrobe clean out. I’ve never been great with the cleaning out of old clothing but it’s got to that time of the year where needs must. Not only that but I am sick to death of my wardrobe being full of clothing that doesn’t fit me and makes me feel FRUMPY and restricted.

On Thursday Stewart and I went into town with my brother to go and pick up our new glasses, something we were literally looking forward to all week (or at least I was.) We picked up our glasses and then went to check out a new coffee shop in Lincoln. Stewart reviewed it as ‘the best flat white he had ever had.’ Which, is a massive statement coming from Stewart. We finished off our exciting antics by going to see the moon at The Collection. Everyone was giving it such good reviews that we had to go and have a nosey and honestly, it was pretty impressive, the rest of the day was dedicated to cleaning out the animals and doing health checks.

Friday, well Friday was so unbelievably dull. The weather was disappointing and that meant there was no motivation to go anywhere and take photographs and we spent the day just shop surfing and purchased a few bits and bobs for something super exciting that I will soon be able to share with you all.

I finally bit the bullet on Saturday, made my lists of stuff to do, tackled them avidly and then had a 42-minute cycle. I am determined to get back into shape, especially for the summer, not because it’s trendy but because I am allergic to my own sweat so the least clothing I can wear as possible (and socially acceptable) will be really ideal. Having a body I can’t stand isn’t going to help.

Sunday is here and Sunday’s are my favourite day’s because it’s the only day guaranteed, that nobody important is coming to the door today. The weather isn’t terrible and i’m feeling super positive and productive. How’s your week been and do you have anything planned for the next coming week? Send me suggestions on cool stuff to do!



Photographs From The Week!

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