Running Errands and That’s It.

Running Errands and That’s It.

Hello and welcome back to the blog, it’s another week and another update on life. Can we just talk about how it’s less than a month until Christmas? I can’t quite fathom how quickly this year is passing us by but then I say that every year, I’m always seemingly surprised by how quick the years fly by.

This week has been one of those where I’m going to struggle writing about it because not a lot has gone on to make this post interesting.  I’ve spent the most of this week writing up future posts and planning blog posts for January as I will be a little pre-occupied to do it in January on a whim like I usually would. 

I’ve also managed to get half of my Christmas shopping done this week and get it wrapped and looking sexy for everyone they belong to. I’ve gone for a green, blue and gold theme for this year’s wrapping paper, does anyone else do themes for their wrapping? Last year I kind of winged it but the year before I did red, brown and vintage style wrapping. There’s ALWAYS got to be a theme.

Stewart and I have also been planning some DIY for his week off coming up shortly to get bits and bobs ready for the arrival of little baby in January and the excitement is increasing more and more everyday and I cannot wait for my kitchen to be complete so that I can get all my bottles and sterilising stuff ready.

I’ve spent the majority of the weekend with very little energy, a sore throat that has been progressively getting worse and today is monstrous to say the least paired with earache and a headache. So I’ve spent the most of the weekend binging on orange juice and taking paracetamol. 

Thank you for reading this weeks update, despite how boring it has been. What have you been up to this week? 

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