Recovering From A Cold & Getting My Shit Together..

This week started off with my basically dying from man flu or as I call it, Shan flu. When I get a cold – I GET A COLD maximised by a lot due to my asthma and under developed lung. I become quite a unhealthy little sod. Sunday is here and my cold has now turned into a cough that once I start coughing I have to hold my breath in order to stop either that or I choke on phlegm. Yummy.

It’s really been a glamourous week. Also – I had a sign this week to not give up. I’ve been contemplating a lot of things recently in regards to my business bits and bobs and I was about ready to give it all up unless a sign was given to me that I shouldn’t. This small little thing boosted my motivation and despite the fact that I’ve been ill I have been working hard on trying to get stuff together so that I can finally start posting on here more regularly and get my shop back up and running as well as maybe, trying to pursue my photography a little bit more.

This upcoming week will be about getting my shit together more accurately because whilst I am in the midst of it right now, it’s important that I don’t loose sight of what I’m doing and fall back into my slump of darkness.

On Thursday we went to Kirton Lyndsey to go and see the Halloween segment. I was obviously beyond excited for this however, upon arrival and experience, I was disappointed, I was expecting it to be a lot bigger than it was. It was actually really small and quite claustrophobic feeling. Never the less though it was something to do and it also meant that we got to look around the Christmas bit too!

Halloween at Kirton Lyndsey
Halloween at Kirton Lyndsey

I’ve had my sister, Nic, come and stay over the weekend and we were able to get into the studio and play around. It feels like it’s been forever since I actually have been able to take photographs and it was great to be able to get back into the studio with her and just play aimlessly. I also managed to take some photographs of my Green Cheek Conure, Birdie. I’ll like the post below when it goes live and I’ll also link the shoots with Nicola as well!


This Sunday evening we are going to my mums for Stew and Dumplings and It’s going to be the perfect end to the week. I am looking forwards to starting a new week – There’s nothing specifically on the cards as of present moment but i’m sure something will come up, or at least I hope it does, I do know we are at Stewart’s mums on Friday to celebrate his sisters birthday.

What have you been up to this week and do you have anything good planned for next week? I’d love to know.





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