Rainy Day Activities Lincolnshire

Rainy Day Activities Lincolnshire

Due to the nature of how dreadful our summer has really been this year in the UK, it got me researching rainy day activities here in Lincolnshire area because there’s nothing worse than not doing ANYTHING on the rainy days when you want to do something or it’s the holidays and the kids want to get out there and adventure and the only way to stop them from killing each other is to literally take them out of the house to distract them from their sibling rivalry.

Growing up with brothers and sisters, we did fight less when we weren’t stuck in the house compared to when we were out in public. It can be hard thinking of places to go when the weather is threatening the worst. Even now, being a 26-year-old mum-to-be I’m eager to find things to do on Stewart’s days off so that we aren’t sat around bored and wasting one of the only two days he gets off a week.

Rainy Day Activities To Do In Lincolnshire

Rainy Day Activities Lincolnshire

Cranwell Aviation Heritage Museum: Free

Library: Free

Usher Art Gallery: Free

Museum of Lincolnshire Life: Free

The Collection Museum: Free

Lincoln Castle: Admission Fees Apply

Gainsborough Old Hall: Admission Fees Apply

Lincoln Cathedral: Admission Fees Apply

Skegness Aquarium: Admission Fees Apply

Lincoln Bowl: Fees Apply

Heckington Windmill: Admission Fees Apply

Sleaford Museum: Free

Welbourn Forge: Free

Jump Inc Trampoline Park: Admission Fees Apply


Rainy Day Activities To Do At Home

Bake: Bake whatever your heart desires literally. You don’t need to have great cooking abilities, even if it’s as simple as cornflake cakes.

Draw/ Colour/ Paint: Who doesn’t love just getting out those buckets of paints, coloring pencils, felt tips or crayons? 26 years old here and still love pouring out my pen and paint collection all over the floor and creating some masterpieces.

Rainy Day Activities Lincolnshire

Create Your Own ‘At Home’ Cinema: Shut the curtains, turn up the volume and put in your favorite movie or movies. Have a marathon of a film series, really go to town. Crack out the popcorn, goodies and maybe some of those cornflake cakes you baked earlier.

Play Video Games: Video gaming is so saturated today but when I suggest this to you I mean the good family video games like; Singstar, Just Dance or Buzz games that you can get on the ps2. (If you haven’t got a ps2 with the Buzz game selection you’re really missing out and if you can get your hands on them then do it and thank me later, I’ll be waiting.”

Play Board Games: Board games are becoming our friends again. Dig out that snakes and ladders game that you have in the loft and if you’re feeling extra, extra, get out Monopoly.

Rainy Day Activities Lincolnshire

Build A Fort: Building a fort is a staple of our 90’s kids childhood. You can build a fort and then play your board games or have an indoor picnic inside of it. Top tip: Include a lot of fairy lights!

For more rainy day activities to do at home, visit Personal Creations Blog for a brilliant collection of inventive things to do when the skies are grey and the day is seriously wet.

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