Pregnancy Journals Weeks 17-21

Welcome back to another installment of the Pregnancy Journals weeks 17-21. I can’t help but feel like this installment might be a little short and sweet but that’s because i’ve really not had to struggle with much symptoms and things in relation to pregnancy. I’m just really enjoying the experience of growing my little cherub.


17 Weeks

17 weeks pregnant and honestly I don’t know where the weeks are going. It’s going super fast and honestly that delights me as I can’t wait to meet her. I’ve been feeling brilliant recently, food is still a bit weird but apples are my favourite things on the planet at the moment and the little babe has finally, FINALLY let me eat chocolate again without feeling sick at the thought of putting it in my mouth.


18-19 Weeks

I’m writing these weeks together because I forgot to write notes about them and document how I was feeling because of how normal I was feeling. I’ve got a lot hungrier in these weeks and whilst that’s great, the amount of food that enters my stomach really isn’t that much because of my stomach being compressed by the little human living inside my uterus right now. I felt an odd bubble/pop in my belly and I can only assume that was the first of my noticeable baby movements but one couldn’t be too sure.


20 Weeks

Wow, 20 weeks already. Halfway through, now that’s mad to think about. I’m still a very hungry mother to be and all food is going down pretty well surprisingly. Weight is still not past 11 stone which is what it was when I started the pregnancy, we had our 20 week scan and our little babe is growing perfectly normal so, there’s nothing to worry about, I’m growing a healthy baby and losing weight (whilst getting fatter) in the process and life is just great. Cloud 9 is most definitely where I’m at, at the moment. Baby has also started moving a lot this week I’ve started seeing my belly twinge and feel little ”spasm” like feelings where the twinges are and whilst I thought I’d not take well to it I’ve actually come to think that they’re pretty magical. To feel your baby moving around in your stomach is just something else. I didn’t believe it when people told me it would be.


21 weeks

Baby’s movements are certainly getting much stronger. I can almost already predict when she’s going to have a little movement spree. First thing in the morning is one of them, I get the hunger growls and before I know it she’s kicking me as if to say ”Mother I’m hungry, eat!” Once I’ve eaten she calms down and goes back to sleep for a couple of hours before I again get a few little jabs.

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