Pregnancy Journals – 22-26 Weeks

Pregnancy Journals – 22-26 Weeks
22-24 Weeks
It’s currently 6:28 am as I write this on the exact day I turn 24 weeks and whilst I’ve completely been slack with writing snippets weekly I thought I should probably do an update now otherwise there really is no point to these pregnancy journals.
I’ve not been writing snippets weekly simply because nothing really changed to write about and it was hard to find the words to make this post that little bit more interesting but now I have a bit to talk.
I went into my 23rd week with a cold. The one thing I spent the entirety of my pregnancy so far avoiding, germs. All was not bad though, Stewart felt bad for sharing his germs and scoured the internet with me to see what remedies I could have in order to help me through it, so he was quickly forgiven, however the fact I got the cold in the first place I was still deep down extremely bitter about.
Going into my 24th week I’ve spent about 3 days experiencing heartburn. It’s bad I’m not going to lie but I got really bad acid that felt worse than this when I wasn’t pregnant so it’s nothing I can’t handle, three days in a row is tiresome and a nuisance to say the least but I could have it worse. Baby is moving so much now that I have little giggles to myself when she really gets going, like what on earth are you doing in there baby? Stewart’s finally found the patience to sit with his hand for long enough on my stomach to feel one of these episodes now and he is also curious as to what she’s doing in there.
pregnancy journals 26 weeks
25-26 Weeks
When they told me that you’d start to roll out of bed or off the sofa I didn’t really take much of it to be true but it’s so true. It’s slightly terrifying to think that I’ve got another 3 months of rapid growth before she’s here. Thing’s are almost in place now ready for her arrival apart from a carpet in Minnie’s nursery but trying to get Stewart to measure it up is like pulling teeth but once that’s done I can start putting her room together properly and I’m sure it will make me feel 10x better to see everything coming together.
I’ve read a lot about Braxton hicks starting to kick in around this point but as I am writing this (26 weeks) I’ve not really felt any kind of labor like pains. The dogs have both taken their time to realize that something is going on and now follow me everywhere and cannot be any more than a foot away from me, resulting in Alfie tripping me up earlier this week and giving me a war wound to tell the story with on my knee. Whilst it’s nice that your dogs want to protect you when they’re constantly under your feet when you’re trying to just casually, and as calmly as possible get on with the household chores it can get testing to say the least. Mothers joke about sitting on the toilet for peace when they have a child and I’m already doing that now to free myself from my dogs and occasionally my bird.
We also went and had a 4D scan in the 26th week, it was a gift to Stewart for his birthday but around the time his birthday actually hits I’ll be too far on in my pregnancy to be able to have one so we took advantage of it and booked it early, and got to see our little girl. (We got the sonographer to confirm she was a girl too as the hospital couldn’t at our 20-week scan! It was such a great experience and to see her features, in all of the photographs that we got, I could only see Stewart, I mean, she is his absolute double in the picture below – I’m tempted to write a whole post dedicated to the 4D scan, so if that interests you and you’d read it let me know.
pregnancy journals 26 weeks
I’ve been feeling quite reflective over the last few weeks, the second trimester is coming to an end and I can’t believe I’m here already. When I first found out I was pregnant 26 weeks seemed like so long away but here I am. It all goes so quickly and I know it’s going to speed by even faster once baby is here.

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