Photoshoots and Moodswings

Monday started quite rocky for me mentally. Sometimes I get myself stuck in a rut with life due to being lazy and it is lazy. Later on in the day I started to feel quite poorly and had cold and flu like symptoms to I treated myself to a massive plate of Nacho’s with Beef, chillies and sour cream. Oh my life it was divine.

Tuesday started off by going to Costa with my mum and nanna. Our trip to Gainsborough was shortly lived when I started to need my inhaler and stupidly, I didn’t take my bag with me, meaning my inhaler was all the way at home back here in Lincoln. Due to our trip home we decided to get some much needed errands done and we went to do a food shop and get some pet essentials. Later on we went to Stewart’s mum’s and did the village pub quiz and played pool and darts.

Hump day came along and my mood was terrible so we decided to go to Torksy for a mooch. I was able to get a jumbo hot dog and just like magic, my mood was soon transformed and I went from being a demon to an absolute angel. Once we got back home we decided to make my Candy floss machine into a potters wheel as well as make an absolute mess of the house in the process.

Another day started like Monday and Wednesday. Instead of fighting it I sat in bed all day binging on the Netflix series, Sisters.

The day started with a message from my bezza telling me that she was going to have a walk with Theodore to the Arboretum park just down the road from me and that I was welcome to join if I wanted. I jumped at the opportunity and told her I’d bring my camera and we had a mini spur of the moment photoshoot and it was lovely.

You can see the images in my blog post

photohoot in the park

spent the day cleaning the house – making the bunnies there own room again because it was just easier when they had their own bedroom.

Today I was picked up by my nanna and carted off to Gainsborough again to spend some ever so precious quality time with the family. I spent most of the time play fighting and bickering with my sister Nicola who was in a very much annoying mood today but at least we had fun.

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