Photographing A Green Cheek Conure

Meet Birdie. A green cheek Conure.  The latest and last edition to the household.  Yes, that now makes 20 fur babies. We’ve had her for almost three weeks now and this weekend just gone I decided to let her loose in my studio with the help of my sister.

I’ve never photographed a bird before in the studio, obviously I’ve photographed birds in like nature reserves and wildlife parks but having a bird, isolated from distractive backgrounds it means you have to think more about the image that you’re taking.

Due to birdies colouring, and the type of images I had in mind to create, I chose the black background to work with, her colours would stand out against the deep black. I wont be taking her into the studio again any time soon as she really didn’t enjoy it and I felt like it stressed her out too much so we didn’t manage to get many images.

Let me know what you think of these images though so that the next time I get her into the studio I have a more in depth plan and idea of what to do for some better images.


All of these images were taken with a singular studio light, Canon 6D and 50mm 1.4

green cheek conure

green cheek conure  green cheek conure


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