• Astronomy

    Meteor Showers 2020 – You Don’t Want To Miss It.

    May is very nearly upon us, and that means so is a list of meteor shower dates you can plonk in your diary to ensure you don’t miss them. You may have caught the latest shower, Lyrids that we around in our skies between the 21st and 22nd of April, but in case you missed it here is a list of all the stunning showers you may be able to spot in the future. May 5-6: Eta Aquariids The Eta Aquariids are associated with the famous Halleys comet. Whilst you may be able to spot these comments around April 19th up until May 29th each year, the meteor shower reaches…

  • storm glass

    Storm Glass – How They Work

    Have you ever seen a storm glass? Maybe you know it better as a weather predictor. I first discovered these wonderful little contraptions about a year or two ago and instantly fell in love with it. Not only was it pretty to look at it was absolutely fascinating watching the follicles in the device changing every day. A storm glass or weather predictor is a sealed glass bottle with chemicals inside that react with the weather (more light and temperature) outside or in a room (From personal experience the weather predictor works much better if placed on a windowsill, or near the window on a side table or something, but…

  • alabone shell
    Spirituality & Crystals

    Everyone Should Own Alabone Shell Jewellery

    If you’ve been following my blog for a while or know me personally you will know I’m into my natural gemstones/crystals and their properties. In this post, I am going to tell you why everyone should own Alabone shell jewellery or at least a piece of Alabone shell in general. In case you didn’t know Alabone is a type of sea snail, and their shells are extremely durable. Most sea snails see their end by being eaten by predators by the sea as they tend to cement themselves to shore rocks and rubble, making it easy for predators to spot them. Alabone shell has a beautiful iridescent colouring to it…

  • Lifestyle

    Crafts To Do At Home This Easter

    Easter is fast approaching and the UK is currently on lockdown meaning we can’t do much at the weekend because we have to stay at home. I was laid in bed this morning thinking of all the cool things I would love to do with Minnie when she gets a bit older. Children aren’t going to fully understand what’s going on in the world right now and I think we should keep what they know to a minimal, they don’t need that kind of anxiety at such a young age as it could go on to impact them later on in life; so here are a few ideas of some…

  • Uncategorized

    Coronavirus; Self Isolation Blog Day Thirteen & Fourteen

    Hi! Well, yesterday, Sunday, started a little different to what I expected, we actually woke up to a house fire over the road and a big one at that. It made me count my blessings even more than I already am at the moment, that poor family now has nothing in this already traumatic time. I’m wanting to be super motivated today but I just cannot find that source of energy to get me actually hyped up to do anything. I want to paint, but I don’t actually have enough paints to paint with. I want to photograph things but don’t have anything to photograph. I want to change something…

  • Baby Journals

    Baby Journals; Minnie-Jean at 3 Months Old

    At this point Minnie is seemingly changing every single day. She’s getting more of a character, her face is changing and she’s getting bigger. I can honestly say as well that I am enjoying every little bit of her progress. At first I was so upset over the thought of her not being a tiny baby forever but that soon passed and I’ve embraced every little change that she’s gone through. I can’t say that much has really changed from the two-month update though, giggles are still very rare, lots of smiles still though, especially in the morning. Poops have become that little more frequent because before they were once…

  • Photo Albums,  Photography

    Hartsholme Park March 2020

    March has been one of the most scariest months of the year so far with the Coronavirus taking the world by storm and whilst anxieties are high, it’s important to not let that anxiety consume you’re life. As of the time I’m crafting this post, I’m expected by the government to self isolate for 12 weeks due to me having asthma and an under developed lung. (kind of pointless even if I did because my partner is in and out the house everyday and often brings back colds from working with the general public!) Before this guideline was put in place though, Stewart and I decided to go to take…

  • Baby Journals,  Parenting

    Baby Journals – Minnie Jean at 2 Months Old

    Hi! Gosh, we’re on the second baby journal already. I can’t quite believe it personally but here we are. So as you may have read at the end of last month’s baby journals that you can read here Minnie started cooing at 4 weeks old, which made her all that cuter. Well in this instalment I get to announce that Minnie is smiling now, and it’s not because of wind! We’ve finally been blessed with those real smiles. (We read that babies start smiling anywhere between 6-12 weeks). Minnie has been premature with all her other milestones like lifting her head, being super strong in her legs and cooing her…

  • Parenting

    Staying Productive & Organised As A New Mum

    When you’re pregnant so many people will try and drill it into you that you’re going to be tired all the time and have no time to do any of those things you need to do or want to do and honestly it’s all bobbycock. It made me so angry when people told me to sleep when baby slept or that i’d have no time to do my make up in the morning and all I wanted to do was shout in their faces and tell them to shut up because every mother is different and I knew what they were telling me wasn’t going to be the case for…

  • Lifestyle,  Mental Health

    Ways To Instantly Feel Happier

    We all fall into that dreaded and inevitable slump of feeling unhappy, unmotivated and just ‘bluegh’ and i’m going to share with you some of my ways to instantly make you feel happier. Whether you’ve had something happen in your life to contribute to you feeling that little bit ‘crappy’ or you’re just having one of those ‘im feeling low for no reason’ moments (that’s the case for me the majority of the time.) these little tips should help you on your way to feeling that little bit happier. Take A Bubble Bath Whether you love bubbles involved or not, taking a hot bath, or even a shower is enough…

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