Packing For A Weekend Away in Cumbria!

Packing For A Weekend Away in Cumbria!

Does anybody else’s mind go to mush when you have to pack to go on a trip? Yes, mine too. More so for me, because I have not only a standard suitcase to pack, I also have a camera bag to pack too, to ensure I have batteries, battery chargers, lenses and the cameras themselves, tripods and anything else I might want to take with me.

I don’t get to go on trips away a lot, due to the animals we have nobody really wants to commit to feeding 5 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 3 cats and a hamster as well as looking after the 2 dogs so, me and Stewart can actually go and spend quality time together, something we’ve not done the whole time we have been together (7 years!!!!)
It’s taken me 7 years, 7 WHOLE YEARS to finally be able to get someone without any other commitments that don’t mind checking in or staying with my fluffy tribe. My younger sister, Nicola is an absolute gem and I’m pretty sure she loves my pets just as much as I do and I know they’re in safe hands.
I’m not gonna lie, it’s been hard watching the people around me go on trips away and not being able to do that myself so the excitement around ACTUALLY BEING ABLE TO GO ON AN ADVENTURE is too much for my little mind to comprehend, making it much harder to pack a bag, but I think I’ve got it covered!
I will upload another post in regards to what’s in my camera bag and link it here if you want to check it out.

Walking Boots

The weather is looking pretty snowy for us this weekend, which is ACE, however, even if there was snow or not we’d still need our sexy walking boots to ensure we had extra grip trecking up and down the mountains.

Underwear & Socks

A little bit of an obvious one, you can’t wear the same pants and socks for 3 days in a row, I mean you could if you wanted to but that would be completely and utterly rank.


If you’re like me and have many medications that you need to take on a daily basis it’s important to check more than twice that you have these ready and packed for your trip, the last thing you want is to get 3 hours away from home to have to go back to get your medication.


Phone Chargers + Accessories

Some people would argue that it is a blessing if you forgot your phone, however, phones are legit lifesavers these days if you get lost or break down. A mobile phone is an extremely important must have so make sure you pack those chargers! 

Coffee Flask

Walking up and down mountains in snow will require for sure, coffee. We bought ourselves a coffee flask so that we can keep ourselves warm and hydrated on our adventures.

Comfortable Clothing

Don’t put a skirt on for climbing a mountain or trousers that look good but are too small, This is something I would do but I have planned the most sensible.. and fashionable obviously outfits that does not involve anything remotely movement restricting or potentially revealing.

Hygiene Essentials

Toothpaste especially. Usually depending on where you’re staying, they give you complimentary little wash bundles, but toothpaste is never usually part of that bargain. 


Not only for the car journey will you need snacks but you will also want snacks for your hotel room. Not everyone wants to go out and spend an arm and a leg every time they want a snack. I need snacks to make the trip as comfortable as possible.

Coats and Winter Warmers

This is basically common sense, It’s colder up north anyway but when you’re forecast 3 days of snow, you’re really gonna have to wrap up warm, scarfs, gloves, hats, the lot.



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