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Dresses, I own very few nowadays. I bought this vintage dress (not actually vintage, but vintage styled!) from a charity shop not long back for my sister to wear in a photo shoot for my final major project in May. It as only something like £4 and I got to not only get some amazing portraits of my sister in it but I also was able to wear it myself too.

vintage dress
These sunglasses matched perfectly with my outfit!

For some reason, every time I’ve put this dress on I’ve ended up taking it off and swapping it for something a lot more ‘less daring’ if you like. You know like the go to shorts and plain Cami. It took a while for me to actually bite the bullet, go out and show the dress off to it’s full potential.

vintage dress

The dress didn’t come with this belt, This is something I’ve added and I did that because the dress is more of a bell shape without it, which is quite unflattering to my body shape and made me look a tad ‘pregnant’ but just by putting a plain black belt round it I was able to accentuate my waist and feel that little bit more confident in it.

vintage dress

As if I wasn’t making a bold enough statement with this dress I decided that I just HAD to pair it with the most amazing pair of shoes I own. I first mentioned these back in a Sunday sum up from a few weeks ago and ever since I’ve absolutely loved them and I’ve actually had a lot of compliments in regards to them too. An added bonus would be how comfortable they are.

I just combined all this together with a plain tote bag with my camera essentials in as we were on our way to explore Tupholme Abbey and I Vlogged it (or at least attempted to, you can check that out on my IGTV)



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