Our Neighbour From Hell..

Our Neighbour From Hell, well, not quite from hell, that’s a slight exaggeration.

For 5 years the dogs have had completely free roam of the house and garden and we had no problems. They’re just a bit gobby, but they wouldn’t hurt a fly and are just protective over their territory. The moment you say boo to them, they run away, literally.

One of our neighbors then got a dog, A cute little puppy. At this point we had no idea what as an anxious person I can only describe as hell was about to occur in about a year or 2’s time. 

Our Neighbour From Hell

Dogs are dogs, right? They’re going to bark at other dogs that are near their territory to ward them off. Dogs bark anyway at absolutely nothing, we’ve all seen it. My dogs bark when they’re excited and also can sound quite vicious but that doesn’t mean that they are. Noah sounds like he is going to rip your throat out when you play with him but he’s actually the most anxious dog, a bit like me. If too many people come over he likes OR LIKED should I say to sit in the garden where it was quiet Alf is definitely more of the attention hog – So much so he jumps over the wall and loves to get cuddles off of our other neighbour and eat her cat’s food, bless her heart. (She shouldn’t have to deal with that and that’s something we’re currently trying to sort also.) 

Anyway our dogs barked at the fence, alongside next doors dog, our dogs tails were wagging like mad, they simply wanted to play. That’s all. I noticed one day that Noah came in wet. This was back early this year, The weather outside wasn’t wet but I just shrugged it off as maybe he’d been somewhere under the bushes at the bottom of the garden and got wet from previous nights rainfall or something. I didn’t expect for what was actually happening to him, to happen.

neigbour from hell

He came in 7 days in a row, after barking at the fence wet again, we’d had perfect weather all week and there was no way there was anywhere wet enough in the garden to get as wet as he was. I went out with him and saw them go to the fence, yet again wanting to play with next doors dog, tails wagging so fast that I’m literally surprised they didn’t take off and I started videoing them, to my shock – my neighbour was throwing water at my dogs through a gap in the fence. It’s all caught on video. I felt anger rush through my veins at this point, what I actually wanted to do would have probably gotten me locked up so I went inside and text my partner immediately to tell him the conclusion to our mystery of the wet dog.

From then on, we started to let our dogs out less because we didn’t want them winding up anymore by having water thrown at them in their own garden. We went out with them occasionally when we knew our neighbor was out with her dog, and as soon as she clocked us she would viciously tell us that our dogs were pack animals and that we needed to control them and keep them away from the fence. We responded to her with ”Well you could keep your dog away from the fence?” and was replied to with ”my dog can go wherever she wants in her garden, this is my path.” but apparently the same didn’t apply to our dogs, they had to have restrictions.


After her confronting us about our dogs every time we went in the garden – I started to not feel comfortable going out there. My anxiety shot through the roof knowing that this woman made me feel so uncomfortable in my own garden and knowing she was just next door filled me with dread. Therefore, I didn’t go in the garden – spent my summer mostly inside watching the sunshine instead of enjoying it in my own garden because she was out enjoying it with her dog instead.

Don’t get me wrong though, we did offer solutions – We offered to maybe come up with a rota meaning we had certain times we could let our dogs out or we could let the dogs meet on a mutual ground and not through a fence but neither was good. The mother in law who is also our landlord went round to speak to her and had the door slammed in her face.

One day, it slipped my mind to make sure the dogs were locked in and the dogs were considerably a lot more wound up than usual at the fence. We checked our CCTV footage and actually saw her keeping her dog on a lead, in her garden, near the fence where our dogs were pacing up and down the path on her side keeping her dog at the fence, all three dogs getting extremely rowdy – I could also hear her chanting ”good girl” at her dog.

On a second clip of the CCTV footage, we can see her throwing things at our dogs and that meant, that it was time to get the police involved. We’d tried to come up with solutions to our problems but she wasn’t interested and it was time someone told her what she was doing was not acceptable without having the door slammed in their face.

The police also got to see just how harmless our dogs were and told us after they’d visited her that ”she clearly struggles to control her dog”.

Anyway, this was quite some months ago now and I am still afraid to go out in my own garden incase she says something. I’m scared to let the dogs out because when we do, she’s always in her garden and stays out for hours on end – I open the front door to check her door is closed before I let my dogs out, when I eventually do.

Due to everything that’s gone on, and the fact that they’ve been goaded by her every time they’ve gone to the fence it’s made the problem 10X worse and we’ve had to cut off a part of our garden in attempt to stop the problem & all three dogs, still continue to bark and I still think that with a little introduction they’d end up being fine but that’s just not an option.

This has meant that since we have kept the dogs in, they’re doing their business more and more in the house, resulting in me having a ton more cleaning to do that I already have. When You work from home it’s not easy to take regular breaks and be able to go back to working, I don’t have the time to be standing outside with my dogs 24/7 every time they want to go out. I’ve got stuff to be doing, I have a living to be made. I like to treat working at home, like I would working not at home. I like to stay focused.

Also – Why is it just us to blame in this situation? Why can’t she simply work with us to help resole it. So many frustrations and unanswered questions.

We just want our dogs to be able to enjoy their home again without sitting on the windowsill and staring out at the world. It breaks my heart to have them locked in the house and honestly, they misbehave a lot more since being locked in than they ever have. – Like I mentioned earlier, Alfie likes to make a day of it and go next door because he doesn’t get to go out much, I swear he thinks he will have a better life there and to be honest, he probably would.

They’re that vicious my dogs that I let them roam the house with my 7 house bunnies.

neigbour from hell

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