Our First Week Solo & Seeing The 1975 Nottingham

Our First Week Solo & Seeing The 1975 Nottingham

Hello and welcome back to the blog. How are ya? This week has been a unique one. I’ve done nothing different to what I’d usually do when Stewart’s at work but this time, it was the first time me and Minnie were alone to do our thing. (not that there was a lot to do because all she can do right now is look, sleep, eat and shit!)

I like to spend the majority of my free time, doing bits of cleaning around the house and working on my blogs and then every 4 hours Minnie will wake for a feed and a nappy change and maybe a peek around. (peek around is almost like play time i guess, she’s wide awake but can’t do anything but ”coo” and stare.) If you want to read a little bit more of Minnie’s month click the link below;

Baby Journals; #1 – Baby’s first month.

Thursday we went to spend the day up at my mums and considering we had to spend most of our time there in mums room (because of her hip operation) we actually didn’t get that bored, obviously before hand we went for the obligatory Costa with nan before we went to mums. Costa is essential with our family.

We spent the rest of the day like I said sitting with mum in her room, chatting about all kinds of crap and surfing through TikTok.

Last night (if you’re reading this on the day of publishing) my sisters, Lucy and Nik and I went to see The 1975 in Nottingham. After queuing up for hours in the lovely storm Dennis weather for 4 and a half hours it was bliss full to be inside the arena. 

The show itself was something else. I always come away from seeing The 1975 feeling completely love struck and amazed but this time they really blew themselves out the water, the set was incredible and we even got a couple of sneak peaks into their new album and I’ve never been more excited for an album to come out.

I took a camera with me this time and managed to get a few, decent quality pictures of Matty, (he who I love more than anything) my phone did a good enough job capturing the wider, more atmospheric shots off all the boys together and the beautiful coloured sets they do for each song.

the 1975 notthingham
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