Officially Meet Brixton!

Officially Meet Brixton!

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the post’s here then you’ll know that I lost three of my furbabies this month, I briefly told you about the new addition, Brixton but didn’t00 go into that much detail so that’s what I’m going to talk about today.

Sometimes even I think I’m00 a little bit crazy for choosing to have so many animals when I’m allergic to them, as do many others. I especially think I’m a bit of a crackpot when I specifically purchase the ones that I’m the most allergic to…

..Like Guinea Pigs…

Everyone, This is Brixton


Stewart picked Brixton from our local pet shop and even decided on his name before we even got him home. It’s not very often a pet name just sticks for us but this time it did and Stewart thought he was extra cool because of the three colors he was sporting. We got Brixton hoe and he settled in instantly. We put him in the cage with Nial, expected a bit of beef between the two but in fact, we got nothing apart from pleasant little squeakings between the two. I also spent some time cuddling him. you can tell a lot from an animal by the way that they respond to a cuddle, he was an absolute cuddle monster, much more so than any other guinea pig I have had.

At this point within a couple of hours of him being home he had already made quite the impression on us and already knew that he was going to be a character but honestly hee’s pulling surprises out on us almost every day, for instance, We’d  had him about a week and he decided to show us yet again how he differs from the other piggies we’ve had in the past. He’d escaped his cage! (The guinea pig cage stays open until bedtime so that the rabbits and piggies can play together.) Never has any one of the other pig’s we had escaped their cage but Brixton did and was having a high old time running around the spare room with the rabbits.

I thought that this was highly amusing and fell in love with the little fella, even more, however, Stewart did not appreciate his bravery.


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