October In Photo’s

November is upon us already. Next month we see in Christmas and the New Year and that seems crazy to me. There’s not really a lot to say about October. It’s been a quiet, long month and the fact we didn’t celebrate Halloween this year really hung over my head but now it’s passed I am fully focused on getting ready for Christmas. Putting up my Christmas decorations because  Stewart and I both love it, it just makes the house that little bit more cosy and nice to be in.

This month a lot of progress was made in terms of getting ready for our little arrival in 2 months time, we got Minnie’s room sorted and almost finished, we’ve got a car that is actually going to fit Minnie and her pram in. We’ve got furniture for her bedroom, so I’ve been able to relax a lot more towards the end of the month. It’s nice to see that everything else that needs doing in the next two months is mainly labor and we only have 2 more floors to sort before Minnie makes her grand entrance.

I’ve also been quiet on the blog which has bothered me, but the motivation and inspiration are just not there. I am hoping with Christmas coming around that I find the motivation to get back to writing and creating content but truth is, right now I can’t really promise anything.

October really hasn’t given me much in terms of photographs but a couple of days out and about meant I actually had some photographs to show you to represent this month.

October In Photo’s







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